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Originally Posted by sdlm View Post
I wanted to know what you guys thought on one issue I am having with my design, Do I want to use an LPR or not? I mean, it would make things much simpler not to have one, but then the gun is vulnerable to pressure spikes and I am assuming, I'd need new springs in the solenoid pilot to handle the pressure? I am not sure on this...
look at the specification of the solenoid you are planning to use, chances are the maximum pressure is less than 100PSI, so you will probably need a LPR.
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Well if i were to go lprless i would use a stronger spring to allow the noid to operate at 200psi or so which is actually the only idea sp/pvi came up with that i might use
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Ok, Despite some warnings of people ripping my design off I figure, I'll still post some things to get some feedback.....

I've settled on the cosmetic theme of a "Tactical" design, not like an m-16 but like AGD Tac-one kinda style, lots of sharp angles and rails. So keep that in mind.

Now, what do you guys think of the grip frame I have been working on. I want something with the look I was talking about above, but in a 90* format, not like OTB or WDP 90* with a swooping back, more like a F-117 type of look (Which is the best way I can think to describe it)....

So what do you guys think, does this frame look good, bad, so-so? Do you think it would be comfortable? There isn't enough room to really put three fingers below the trigger guard, but I never do this, I prefer a larger trigger guard instead, Do you guys think this is right or should the grip be extended/trigger guard made smaller?

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Give us a single finger frame as an option and I'll be happy.

As for the sharp angles it's no nevermind to me except for the part that fits in the hand. The hand isn't made up of sharp angles so some concession has to be made for the mechanical to meet the organic. Outside of that make it as tech'y as you want
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If you plan on selling this I highly recommend a more ergonomic frame. Honestly that one looks very blocky. It may be the software however as I've never used it.

Also how much is it going to cost you to do all this, if you don't mind?
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well, the software allows for as much curve as the machine allows, you do have to get creative on milling, as their machine cannot do an a corner @ a 90* angle smaller than .83" so 90% of my designs are lathe and Laser cut where I can have curves, I just love that angled look....

Here is a compatible single trigger frame:

as you can see I can make things as curvy as I want I just think that we have too much of a curvy style these days.... However I must agree that sharp angle where the hand is on the back of the grip is probably too much, I'll probably redesign i closer to this single trigger frame's back end, looks a bit more comfy...

Price wise, it is hard to say, it varies drastically on quantity and material used. in this particular case an aluminum design, using 4 machines (laser, mill, another mill, and thread) would be about $30 a unit @ 50 units. which is rather expensive, but it is possible to cut the cost drastically with a few design/logistical changes.
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That website is really cool...

The idea is great, BTW. I like the double trigger too, looks really sharp(pun intended).
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