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who works on mech cockers

I need someone who specializes in mechanical cockers because I need a GX-3 cocker re-set up.... it had a swing frame on it but I put the slider frame back on and now the timing is screwed up or the sear needs adjustment who knows,,, I just want to send it to someone who can send it back fully timed and chrono'd and its ready to go,, thanks for any info.. if anyone is near Boston that's even better.
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The 3 way hoses have to be switched around when changing from hinge frame to slider frame. And retiming necessary as well.
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Palmers Pursuit Shop will handle that if you can't find anyone local. They are pricey. I suspect any airsmith who's been in the business awhile can time a cocker. Rainman229 is in Jersey and can probably do it.

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Maybe try hitting up O-nothing or doc on here. I know they offer their timing services over on cc.
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Taking the mystery out of timing a cocker

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if I remember correctly, switch the back hose with the front hose.
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Timing a cocker is much simpler than you think. Follow the 4 step process that can be found in articles and videos everywhere on the net. Make sure to switch the hoses on the 3 way when going from hinge to slider (the center barb always goes to the lpr, switch the other two). Docfire and o_nothing are both cocker geniuses and do nice work if you are set on somebody else doing it. Have it conservatively timed if you have someone else do it, it will stay in time longer but sacrifice a bit of trigger feel, especially on a slider. I recommend learning yourself, I knew nothing about the workings of a cocker and within a month I was building my own. Nothing like a smooth suction timed cocker. Feel free to pm me with any ?'s if you tackle it yourself.
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I will be offering tuning services shortly. Its part of my whole re-envisioning of ECAP.

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I've got some info here: Otter Customs Paintball - AutoCocker Timing

If you'd still like to pass the work on to somebody else, I'll do it. PM me if interested.
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I can offer some help. PM me, I'm playing this sunday, I'll let you know where. If you happen to find your way out, I can happen to give you some assistance.
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