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How to be a good General

I will be a General this next weekend and I want to make sure the people I'm commanding have the most fun they can. Its going to be a small to medium size scenario. Give me some pointers on how you commanded or what you liked about your commander. Or how you think that person could have done better. I have a great attitude and am not hot headed or anything like that so no need to worry about me.
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Truly I like more active generals compared to the ones that just sit at the base telling every one what to do if you need a area taken over, lead a charge don't just tell people what to do, so it with them
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Every player under your command is important. You need them all to win.

and Have fun.

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And we have five pillars that guide us: Camaraderie, Honor, Humility, Sportsmanship, and Service. Follow those and you can't go wrong.

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First there's prep.

Prep starts with recruitment- find local teams that will be attending the game or even teams that are local but you're not sure if they're attending. The more organized teams that come out to play for you the better your chances of winning.

Have a plan for how to communicate with your players to accomplish objectives. Whether it's having a deputy at the insertion to direct them in person, sending out runners, or (best) having a set of secure radios to hand one out to every team leader, you need something to keep people on the same page and this needs to be thought out in advance. I've found keeping someone at the insertion that you have a radio connection with allows you to be out on the field and call back to tell that person where to direct players, and normally works pretty well for smaller games.

Be EARLY to the game. You should be the first person there besides the guy who's opening the gates. Get your own stuff squared away before anyone else gets there so that as soon as players start arriving, you can start finding the people who are playing for you and introducing yourself face-to-face to let them know what your game plan is and how to get in touch with you.

Be prepared to be on the field ALL DAY (bring lots of water and meal replacement bars so you don't have to leave the field). Be prepared to lose your voice by the end of the day. IMO it's best to run with something like a pistol that you can holster since your primary job is to be leading and directing people, not being a gunfighter yourself. Not saying you can't mix it up, but when you start getting into firefights it's easy to lose track of time and then you start to miss mission objectives and chances for points.

Have an idea of how the field flows in advance. Field walks before the game are vital. Don't be the guy that needs a map to tell him where something is. Typically every field has an area between both insertion points that sees the most action. Send your guys with a lot of paint there, send the runners and fast sneaky types to run the tape line. The key is to keep just enough players at key points to keep your line from being broken, and send everyone else to wherever your objective is (a flag, a mission location, etc.). This is where it becomes critical having that person at the insert to push people where you need them.

Most fields give the general free entry and a free case of paint. Be prepared to give most of your free case away to keep people on the field. Stress to players that the most damage can typically be done in a game when one side starts to leave the field for lunch or the end of the day. Stress paint conservation.

Always be visible to your team. Even during the lunch break (if there is one), make sure to find the people playing for you and tell them they're doing a great job and encourage them to keep pushing. It goes a lot further than you think.

Lead from the front if you can, but only if general kills aren't worth points.

Make sure to thank people for playing for you as they're leaving the field, and after the game.

Be a good sport, always. Even if you're getting your sh*t pushed in, stay on the field and keep trying to motivate people, unless your players are mostly in the parking lot, in which case leave the field to motivate them back onto it, and for that reason only.

When it comes to awards at the end of the day, give them to the teams and individuals who earn them, not just the ones that are your friends.

If by the end of the day, after doing all of this, you still have the drive to general another game... Well, you're a better man than most of us lol.
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Well, we won. It was a pretty good scenario with the game setup as contol territory. We had 30+ easy to show up and everyone had a good time despite the heat. I was spearheading the charge usually and it usually meant I was one of the first ones shot in the game. Good thing General kills didnt count for anything. I met some of the nicest people and played with 4 different markers. Generaling has it's perks. I used my PM6, a Reflex, a smooth MVP, and a Prototype Vanquish from a KEE rep. Awesome day all in all. Thanks to those who posted, it really helped a lot.
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