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Spump guide rods-Anyone ever just build the rods??

Hello MCBer's"

I was curious if anyone of the airsmiths or the freelancers on the forum have ever just built the guide rods for spump conversations that fit the threaded portion of a spyder frame. I now that you can use a Sport Trilogy pump kits,PMP industries is also a pretty good bet along with likely a couple more.

There seems to be a fair number of people that jump into this conversion and I wondered if there was anybody had or would build this to customer spec.

any input would be appreciated.
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Most Spump builds are unique, especially seeing as there are so many Spyder / Blowback designs out there that you can't premake pump arms as any you make probably won't fit 90% of Spyders out there, let alone any other blowback designs.

That doesn't mean our airsmiths can't make something for what you need for a decent price though.
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Thanks for your input Grendal 50, but the question asked was for the pump guide rod not the pump arm rod, not trying to be a pretentious,just clarifying.
Most spyders up to the VS and the MR Series mostly use the the same LPC thread on the front of the marker and most of the after market pump kits look to have a standard sized diameter for the guide rod. there have been some adapters made for other combos,i.e. Sport trilogy to PPS rock to name one.

I'm currently adapting a non paintball reducer to fit a Carter Machine pump kit to a spyder and i too have got something real close but not exactly the right thread for a spyder LPC and it will work,but not a true R&R and chasing down the tap for a Carter Machine pump kit as it has a totally different o.d. on the guide rod and the thread is nowhere close to that of a spyder LPC
I was just looking to see if there had ever been one made that was all. or if any if the Smiths' would consider such a venture given the amount of spumpin' goin ' on.

Guess i may have to link this to the all the Smiths' and see who might give it a whirl.
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i retap the front block for autococker IVG threads (also known as trillogy pump kit threads)

the threads in the block are the metric equivilant, and by the time you retap over it, its still strong enough for a trilly kit

or a trilly to 2k+ adapter and then run a standard pump kit

the trick to the spump conversion is the backblock/sled/bolt attachment (however you do it)
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