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For brand new markers, I feel the Gog Enmey is a great value. No batteries, spool drive and decent build quality.

I'm also seeing the Crossover selling for pretty cheap (got mine for $200). It's a pretty solid marker that hasn't been getting enough love.
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I'll also say early eteks, for >$200 you can get a star framed etek 1.
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Macdev guns like the origonal clone. People are scared of all the orings but they shoot shoot great and are bombproof
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I know you are all putting your ponies forward - I'll suggest a mule. The venerable brass eagle stingray. Tough, reliable, easy to rebuild and works in any weather. As a loaner, or with a few mods as a woodsball marker it's hard to beat a $5 gun. Loud, proud and generally as accurate as anything out there. Oh and alien technology space age ABS to boot.

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Originally Posted by ToyBox View Post
For brand new markers, I feel the Gog Enmey is a great value. No batteries, spool drive and decent build quality.
Totally agree with you Joe. I love mine. You saw the amount of paint it can throw during the final battle at Carnage. all mech no batteries and you can outshoot a revvy with ease. Best value and one of the most underrated guns available today.

As for guns of of yesteryear I'd have to say the old impulses are very underrated. I have an 03 detroit thunder impulse and with it setup properly (16 dwell, HPR at 160PSI and minutely adjusting FPS via LPR) I can get it to be 3 shots all 280 all day. consistent very quiet for it's time and not all that heavy either (with a revvy and my 50/45 on it)

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03 and 04 aka viking and excalibur. they have come down a lot in price, but to be honest very reliable gun and very consistent. u can shoot a case of paint on a single fill 68/4.5k and fairly quiet. don't need any upgrades. love both my viking and excalibur
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Shoebox. Big, yes. Heavy, yes. Thirsty, yes. Accurate as they come, yes. $75 bucks and it shoots co2 better than air. They don't have eyes but really don't need them because they pinch paint. Quiet and rock solid reliable, and if it does break you can always hit them with it.
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in my opinion you cant really go too far wrong with any electro made after 06. Thats about the time they plateaued. Evey gun had just about all the features as all the other ones and since then they have only been loosing a little weight and getting a little more efficient. I cant say I remember a revolutionary feature that came out after 06.

The most unique operation that has come out since then is the LV1 but at its heart a ram hits a valve same as in the 03 impulse.
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I will say, I thought the LV1 was mostly hype, but I finally played a couple games with one today and it is VERY nice! The one I used was setup for smoothness, and was pretty comparable to my NT. Pretty quiet too for a poppit.
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