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Originally Posted by fullofpaint View Post
I will say, I thought the LV1 was mostly hype, but I finally played a couple games with one today and it is VERY nice! The one I used was setup for smoothness, and was pretty comparable to my NT. Pretty quiet too for a poppit.
That's nice, but not really on topic. There's nothing "undervalued" about a $1400 gun.
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their will be in 2 years when the LV2 comes out
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Originally Posted by tjd10684 View Post
in my opinion you cant really go too far wrong with any electro made after 06. Thats about the time they plateaued. Evey gun had just about all the features as all the other ones and since then they have only been loosing a little weight and getting a little more efficient. I cant say I remember a revolutionary feature that came out after 06.

The most unique operation that has come out since then is the LV1 but at its heart a ram hits a valve same as in the 03 impulse.
I agreed adding alot of stuff released after 09 seemed to have some quality control issues
I'm seeing older Eteks and Egos go for good prices,along with pre 09 Dms and parts are still easy to come by.Revised Minis and Upgraded Ions are good deals also
The only real innovation I've seen since 06 is the availability of FS or magfed platforms,and it's a small niche not for everyone.Still waiting for a Tippmann 're release of the SMG myself
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Originally Posted by Fubarius View Post
That's nice, but not really on topic. There's nothing "undervalued" about a $1400 gun.
haha sorry, I thought derailing threads was an MCB pastime
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Originally Posted by tjd10684 View Post
in my opinion you cant really go too far wrong with any electro made after 06. Thats about the time they plateaued.
Yeah, more or less what I was thinking. Seems like when the market gets flooded with flash and sparkle as the new features of the model year the re-sales can't help but plummet.

I'm not really up on the spools, but on the poppet side the Ego 11's and G6R's seem to be floating around the $500-600 range and everything else slides very quickly from there. Protege's and any non "11" egos seem to quickly drift down into the $250 range. Angels are kind of odd ducks in my opinion but LCD's are practically free these days.

Am I missing something or aren't most poppets created roughly equal? They all shoot stupid fast, have field stripable bolts and are pretty damn efficient. Seems like the rest is down to counting grams and getting nit picky on ergonomics.

I hear "shot quality" tossed around but...meh. Strengthen your wrist. Paintball guns don't kick.

Mini's seem to float in that sub $300 range as well. From a guy that paid $350 for my first tippmann package (pro-lite with mask, barrel, tank pods, etc) that just seems crazy good.

...that said I've got some paypal cash burning a hole in my pocket and what am I eye-balling? Automag parts.
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I still have an FS8 I got from Riddler. I think it has spent most of its life with after market regulators. I've never had a problem with it, and loaned it out a couple of times. Its biggest problem is that I don't tinker with it.

There's a local guy that usually plays with a Naughty Dog (FS7?) regularly in its stock form. That one reminds you of an old pair of blue jeans.

I regularly tinker with a Lasoya Promaster, which are even cheaper. I can make parts for it, and the design is tolerant to fiddling.

If you are willing to work on them, the 2k5 timmies are cheap and silly fast. They are NOT tolerant to fiddling when tuned fast and need the "right amount" of care. When tuned down (factory ram, higher dwell), they can be pretty tolerant.

Angels are relatively cheap, but not real easy to work on and behave a bit like a timmy.

You might worry about all of those being out of production, but you still have to watch the parts market on older Egos and DMs.
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I'd say that the BEST deals going right now are:

1. UL'ed DM5...amazing feel, quality, and user serviceability. Anything you need you can STILL get from Dye.

2. Gen 1 or 2 ETEK's (the later is a little better ergonomically, the former is the budget king for durable beaters)

3. Ego 08's--for a little more than either of the above, the 08 Ego is really a true, pro-level marker that you can get for $300 or under

I prefer PE or Dye because of the quality of the product. I'd stay away from Bob Long, DP, SP, or other brands EVEN if there's cheaper deal on offer...
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I'd vouch for older ICD guns as well to put out some of the flames. I have a few, and they maintain and shoot wonderfully. Vikings/Excals and vintage matrices go without saying, IMO. I enjoy those as well.

Right now, having scoured the BST consistently for years, I've seen a handful of GEO+'s sell for around 275. Now THAT is madness.
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Originally Posted by tjd10684 View Post
their will be in 2 years when the LV2 comes out
Probably another 6 months as per PE killing used values like they've always been good at
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id have to say the automag. most versitile gun there is and depnding on how much you want to put into is depends how much you get out. if you want a rope slinging mech or a pump or a slow shooting mech or electro or something your able to walk when you want.

its all in the automag. it may require a little know how but with enough searching in the right places you could get a cheap nice shooting gun that is unique.

if your just plain looking for something that is under rated and bit more updated. id have to say that lcd angels are really under rated. they were basically dismissed for not using eyes in there guns for awhile. thats no longer an issue. pick up a angel sub 100 throw a pmr board in it hard wire the eyes and pick up a tool kit.

lpr set to 87psi
dwell at 14m/s
and go play.

i just fixed up an led with no machining at all and it now has a virtue board in it.
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