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To modify a Ice Cuba IM9 or not..

I have always wanted an Ice Cuba Ironmen DM9 and when I found one at a reasonable price I jumped on it. When I got it all I could think about is replacing the black parts with white parts. After switching all of the parts I was not sure if I improved the looks or hurt them.

Please let me know if I improved the looks of one of the best looking guns in recent production (in my opinion) or hurt them. I have all of the stock parts so I could always put them back on.

Enough talking here are the pics.



Let me know what you think.
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MAtter of opinion.. I do not like those virture grips but if you do. cool

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I'm not a huge fan of them either. I wish I could find some stock dye white grips for the dm10 and earlier models. I might have to pick up a set for a newer DM and drill/modify them to fit.

But it is one of the few guns dye sent to virtue to get a redefined board put in it before it was sold so the grips kind of fit its heritage.

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Imo the grips would fit much better if the black was matching the blue accents on the rest of the gun.
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I think it's much nicer the way you have it now.
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Personally I like it. The pattern on your grip ties in nicely with the jewel crest, likewise with the English script all around. Still got the other pieces? Fantastic, keep the original grips in pristine condition should the unfortunate day ever come when it needs to find a new home, and rock it the way it is right now.
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its your gun, who cares what other people think? it only matters to you, the owner. folly to what other people think.
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looks good, but solid white grips would look better in my opinion, makes me miss my dm9
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I think we have different understandings of the word "modify."
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There are very few paintball guns out there, that are truly Rare. Make the gun the way YOU like it, and everyone else can go pound sand if they dont like it.
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