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Help With Ariakon Overlord Leak?


TL : DR Anyone know where I can find a replacement cup seal/main valve for the Ariakon Overlord from some place that's NOT Rap4?

I'm returning to Paintball from a very, very long absence. I got nastolgic and bought myself an Ariakon Overlord off of E-bay that, turns out, has a massive leak (not gonna return it; long story.) I'm INTENT on fixing it. It was leaking through the 12 gram chamber, and in taking out the puncture assembly, I noticed it was grotty and the O-ring was rotten, and it also looked like it'd been taken out with a long screwdrive lots of times before (lots of chipping/stripping around the screwdrive grooves.)

Manual is here:

I noticed a very strong similarity with the RAP4 T68 Pistol found here:

I ordered a replacement puncture assembly from Rap4 and it seems to be keeping the air from leaking out of the 12gram chamber, but now it's leaking all throughout the marker.

The "cup seal" for the overlord also looks a bit rotten, and is pretty gnarled. I'm now assuming this is the problem.

I'd like to try a replacement cup seal/main valve, but I was pretty dissapointed with Rap4's shipping process (took 'em 4 days just to stick my part in an envelope, really?) so I'd like to buy something from somewhere else.

Does anyone know another marker type that uses a compatible cup seal/valve that I can buy parts for?
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I had an ACP 2.0 pistol awhile back with similar issues,found a cup seal from the random parts bin at my local pro shop,we thought it was a Spyder or Pirahna cup seal.Also replaced the orings around the cup seal with white bottle orings.Hope this helps
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I'll give it a try! Thanks! =D
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FWIW I was always told they were essentially spyder guts in em.

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