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Need Intimidator Help

I need some intimidator help. I bought an empire intimidator from a buddy about 6 months ago and it has been nothing but problems. He told me he would fix it, but I just figured out that he moved to another state last week. Fortunately, he was Ďclassyí enough to leave me the gun, which is still broken.
I know nothing about intimidators. As soon as the gun airs up, it just blows air out the bolt. Sometimes if you slam the bolt forward it will slow, or even stop the leak, but even that trick hasnít been working for a while. Also, the thing shoots at an insane rate of fire. It starts shooting like normal semi, but then starts going crazyÖ and not in a controlled way like a ramping boardÖ it sounds almost like trigger bounceÖ Iím not sure if itís a bad setup on the trigger or if the board is crapping out on me. I called Bob Long (about the air problem) and they said that it probably needs a new bottom sleeve, and that the repair would be about $90 plus shipping. I think I only paid $150 for the gun. Iím not super keen on $90 to make it work.
So here is what Iím proposing. Is there anyone out there who is pretty good with intimidators that I could send this to to fix? Iím willing to pay for the repair, but $50 (1/3 of the amount of money I have in the gun) just for the guys at BL to open the box is a little steep for me. Maybe thatís what it costs to fix these, I donít know.
I know that all of my experiences with you guys on MCB and CC have been nothing but helpful, and I feel like I can trust you guys to shoot me straight. How should I proceed with this?

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Pics would help.

Forums that might help you:

Intimidator Owners Group

Bob Long -

Bob Long Intimidator paintball marker | Timmy

To tell which generation Intimidator you have, check this thread
Intimidator Library - Intimidator Owners Group

It will likely be a Gen 3 or 4 from your description (ie. "empire intimidator").

If it's a Gen 3, here's the manual

If it's a Gen 4, here's the manual

Personal opinion--a Gen 3 is easier to tech for someone new to Bob. The Gen 4 had different poppet setups adding another variable. There also seem to be more Gen 3 parts available used.

Good, general info
Ultimate Sticky - Intimidator Owners Group

My quick and dirty advice? Find out what you have, get a new set of orings (there's a guy in the BST here who will take care of you at a fair price), get some Dow55 (Dow33 usually works on older gens, but you will need to lube more frequently and may need to oring "fit"--Dow 55 is spec'd and recommended especially if you're troubleshooting), replace and lube all orings, service the regs, and then tell us what happens.

If its leaking down the barrel, it's likely a poppet issue. I would back the HPR and LPR out (presuming you have stock regs and NOT a CP HPR...they're backwards, for whatever reason). Then see what happens when you air it up. At least, I would be checking that before I start worrying about the solenoid.
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