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Hinge frames

So I've been looking at different hinge frames for a mech cocker.
Ones I've taken notice to are the eclipse, and ccm frames. However I've seen a few different ones around aswell.
Just wondering if there is any major difference to the feel/functionality and what the best bang for my buck would be.
Thanks in advance for any help!
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Eclipse frames are the standard for quality, basically. There are 2 - 90 degree hinges as well, Jackal Machine and ANS. Also a standard 45 hinge ANS frame. These are all based on/ copied from the Eclipse hinge so they feel very similar. Older eclipse blades had a trigger shoe that was held on by setscrews. Newer ones as well as, ANS and jackal had one piece triggers.

I never used a CCM hinge, but I can only imagine they are nice.

Others include
2 different generations of Shocktech frames (Never used)
Old one looks really weird.
Hybrid 50/50 frame ( I think that is what they are called) (Never used)
Stock WGP hinge frames
-early ones, starting in about 2003 that had the little tail below the rear frame screw
These were essentially the same for Standard Vert feeds, Orracles, Black Magics, etc with minor cosmetic dfferences
I like these ones as well. Some also had a cam adjuster in place of the safety button that changed the trigger travel.
-Later ones showed up on the 2005 prostocks and were more basic in the milling. Still feel pretty much the same though.
-Trilogy frames. Came in a full length and a 1.5 length. The 1.5 ones look a little wierd, but I have never used a tril. frame.
Dye single trigger (never used)

My personal favorite is the Jackal Frame. Also happens to be the most expensive by usually 30 to 70 bucks depending on condition and timing of when they show up.
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Oy ya, I forgot 2 more.

Dye double trigger hinge. (Never used)

Psycho ballistics frame - came on superbolt and lightning cockers. It's basically a knockoff of the dye. The frame is very thin. It works well enough but it is a cheapie. The one I had that I got in a 2 gun parts lot had a bad sear in it. I guess it was stock. It caused some goofy resetting problems. Put a WGP sear in it and all was good.

All pieces considered, I would say the WGP frames (not trilogy) are the best bang for the buck. They can be had in all colors and chrome, all conditions and styles from $20 to $50.

Next after that would be the ANS hinge. Very close to the eclipse but you will have to keep a look out for them. Eclipse, WGP, and superbolt frames are the most plentiful though. Eclipse frames are usually 60 to 100 dollars depending on condition.
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Lots of great info thanks!
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Pe hinge end of story

It is smoother than the rest
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I'll be the weird guy and say that the Trilogy 1.5 hinge is actually pretty nice. I like it better than the full sized hinge, even. If you're the type to only use one finger to pull the trigger, this one works really well. It's pull is a little shorter than a full sized because the trigger is shorter (assuming you pull the trigger near the bottom; since the trigger overall is shorter, there's less distance from the pivot point, which means the radius is going to be smaller. Hope that makes sense).

I also have a bit of experience with the Psychoballistics frame. It is really thin (I think it has the same dimensions, more or less, as the DYE Ultralite cocker hinge). It feels a little gritty, but that can probably be polished out. Has lots of adjustments.

Really though, I'd just look for a good slider frame.

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+1 for sliders.

-100000000 for trilogy 1.5 finger abomination.
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the powerlyte frames can be nice. Same basic design as the eclipse but with a different angle on the frame and built in drop.
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Currently rocking a slider. Just looking to switch it up a bit.
I have the stock hinge from the 05 prostock, not bad but I like to try new things
Have seen the trilly ones, for single finger they look great but I like more room in there for both fingers.
Also wondering if a new 3 way would change the way I feel about the stock hinge..
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I really like my ans 90 frame. Feels good to me less side to side play than my kapp hinge frame. Quite a bit less actually. Really like the width and shape of the trigger too.
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