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mag shooter
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stock class questions

so i now have my pump mag setup for stock class and have a few questions.

where can i find 12 grams in bulk?( i thought there was a guy on mcb)

what kind of stock class harnesses are comfortable?
im aware this is a loaded question.

what about dump pouches?
where could i get one and would it attach to a harness or belt?

i think that will get me started.
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I like the Condor chest's MOLLE, just add the WTF 12g panels and you are good to go. Dump pouches can be found easily too

Have fun!
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Here is what I use for rec/stock class:
Dye tactical belt
(2) WTF 6x 10 round shingles
4 50 round pod holders
WTF dump pouch

Coming soon:
(2) WTF 3x 10 round tubes
(1) WTF 12 gram shingle
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WTF gauntlet? I want one of those because I play in lots of short games.
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Honestly, I'm quite happy using a $10 allen shotshell belt to hold my tubes.
I've always used my cargo pockets to hold empties.
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PBMafia Joyride is my preference. They also make a dump pouch.
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WTF Gauntlet and cargo pockets for empties. Dirt simple and effective.
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I've never used a dump pouch. If I need to quickly dispose of an empty tube, I just stuff it down my shirt. I was thinking of getting one for 12grams. I don't leave them behind. They are initially uncomfortably cold in my pockets. The Joyride holds a days worth of paint and I don't feel weighed down wile playing. I could see using something smaller for rec play.
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Originally Posted by superman View Post

what about dump pouches?
where could i get one and would it attach to a harness or belt.
Being poor, and cheap, I made mine from an old pair of camo pants that had worn out the knees. I cut the legs off, making a pair of shorts, and used the pant leg for the pouch. I flipped it inside-out and sewed where the knee was. I used a grommet setter at the "cuff" end and put two grommets in 180 degrees apart. I use a carry strap from a gym bag that has two hooks and sling it around my shoulder.

Works the balls.
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If you're looking for a cheap stock class harness, a Condor rig with WTF's "stockanywhere" panels would be hard to beat. A basic chest rig from Condor, MCR3 or MCR4, will run you $20-$40, and then the WTF loops are $6 or $12 a pop, depending on the size. Grab an MCR3 (~$20) and a couple of WTF panels, you've got a rocking stock class vest for about $40.
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