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jellyghost 03-23-2014 11:47 PM

Spring feeds and automags
If I have an automag with the feed neck that uses a clamping elbow. How would I attach a spring feed? (they seem to all be threaded)

Bonus question: If the elbow for air comes out the back side of the marker body (similar to a vert air back on a phantom) and I would like to run remote air, can a nipple or something be directly connected via the hole the elbow uses?

superman 03-24-2014 12:03 AM

i know there was a guy on AO that made some ule to the empire spring feed adapters.

you can run a quick disconnect nipple right out of the valve. please don't use a brass elbow to do so. i had the fun of cleaning one out that had sheared off.

jellyghost 03-24-2014 12:07 AM

That sounds like a great answer, but what is a ule and what site is the ao?

superman 03-24-2014 12:14 AM

Ule body was an aluminum mag body that replaced the twistlock body. Uses cocker threaded barrels angel detent and feedneck.

AO is

You may be able to mod a empire spring feed to fit the feed tube of mag you have. Post in the AGD section in the armory. I'm sure someone there could help you to get what you want.

K_Obeastly 03-24-2014 12:54 AM

it would probably fit on an angel threaded warp adaptor. I think you can still get them from ptp. If not, find an angel threaded high rise and cut it.

jellyghost 03-24-2014 01:05 AM

Obeastly, your answer assumes a ULE body, right?

need4reebs 03-29-2014 01:31 PM

um i just built a classic Pistola mag and made my own Spring feeds…i modded tha PTP and AGD warp adapters so i could use that hole on tha top of the adapter to reload. and made a spring feed adapter out of a 3/4" CPVC T fitting….the 3/4" copper piping fits perfect in the CPVC fittings

here are a few pics of tha spring feeds:

pic w/tha CPVC spring feed:

pic w/tha PTP Warp and copper spring feed:

and then with me 50/4500:[/QUOTE]

need4reebs 03-29-2014 06:30 PM

just finished and tested tha final touches to this Spring feed:

feeds great…Whoo hoo!!!

Stilgar 03-29-2014 06:43 PM

Knock the power tube feed right off. Epoxy on a spring feed from a rap4 T68 firestorm. Or a PT extreme.

Bug me for pictures later.

jellyghost 03-29-2014 11:33 PM

I really like the simplicity of the pvc design, but does the relaod port require a cap? How did you make it?

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