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dps093 05-08-2014 10:50 AM

Appraisal/Identification on this Old Gear
Pev's Ego 07. Needs new grips. Has a Virtue LED board. It works.

DM4. Marker sometimes doesn't want to turn on/off. Probably a board issue. If so, how much to replace? Or how much is it worth as is?

Some WGP marker. I think an orracle? It has been drilled. CP Reg.

Tadao Dm6 Board?

Tadao DM4 Chip?

Shocker Bolt?

Shocker trigger?

One of the 1st five Angel Rasta A4 markers made. They were originally made for Pro Team Stoned Assassins, but they switched to shockers last second. Never been used. You can tell it's legit by how the middle leaf stem is cut off at top.

Nobody 05-08-2014 10:59 AM

Pev's Ego7 - $250ish
DM4-(replace the button board first,its cheaper, the board should be fine if its turning on) - $150-200
E-Orracle - $250ish
DM6 board - $25, more if you can confirm it works
DM chip - $20
Rasta A4 - $300+
Shocker bolt - $30?
Shocker roller trigger - $20?

maloneoni 05-13-2014 02:56 AM

If the shocker bolt is not HE, it is probably worth twenty, tops.

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