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Originally Posted by EL17E 76 View Post
Drone DX - ETEK4LT
ZR-1 - Vanguard Demon
EGO11 - DM12/13 - V1
As much as I like how my ZR-1 shoots getting parts for it is a pain. Same for the demon. Not to mention the reliability issues that come with the demon.
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ooopppsss forgot the explanation for that listing
  • Lower end of the scale(under $500 used) more affordable recommended for fun
  • This would be a purchase at your own risk(at right around $500+)
  • Recommended as the higher end of the $500 used (especially the V1 engine you would be pushing over the 500 mark easily but resellable easily for what you paid for it as the market is pretty steady for these particular items at the moment)


Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
When I started doing shells for my revolvers the apparent thing i noticed was the hole size in the cartridge controlled the velocity of my paint.
TL;DR hole size controls how fast balls get spent
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Originally Posted by fullofpaint View Post
Dye NT

They got a bad reputation but all the issues have been ironed out by now. Mine shoots flat out fantastic for what I paid. You can find them from 3-400 if you look. I paid $250 for mine haha Budget $75 to send it to Billy Wing and get it tuned. Mine came back with the single best trigger job on any marker I have ever had, and it shoots like a dream. Plus it's super tiny and light

Also it's way out of your budget, but LV1's are insanely smooth, they don't shoot like any ego before them.
Gotta second this. The NT is an awesome gun, small, light, quiet and reasonably efficient. I got about 10 pods off a 68/45. The price you can get them for now is just ludicrous.
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Hmm... I may seriously look into an NT. Thanks for the heads up, fellas.
What are the main differences between NT's and DM's?

WTB: Gen 2 and Gen 3 SFL Autocockers
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I bought an Empire Sniper when they first came out. With the barrel kit it shoots darts. I had a game where I was longballing the back right beer can and after the game the ref came over and asked what I was shooting. He said every ball was exactly where the player was popping out. Anyway, Empire/Kee customer service is the best I have ever experienced. I have damn near a full internal kit for my TM7 all because when i called I said I could change the parts myself so they sent me bits of the latest version internals.
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Originally Posted by sniper97 View Post
I current have a Works and have owned several S6's and currently have 2 S6 & S6.5. The Works is incredible. I have not shot a Resurrection. IMHO, the tolerance on the Works are superior, the trigger frame and front block components are superior. I have had shocktech, Mark II and a Besales RF cocker and the Works beats them all hands down.

Empire snipers are becoming crappy after a year, an Empire cocker is the last thing I would buy. You can get a much nice older cocker (Works, Freeflow, Besales, Eclipse) for similar cash.
They're not necessarily crappy, just cookie cutter. People bought them up when they were the new and cool thing. Now that they're common I think most folks are just like... meh.... another one of those.

If we're being truthful here, a stock WGP cocker shot just fine out of the box. The later hinge ones actually shot pretty well. They were just ugly (uglier with the hinge) and cookie cutter. Tolerance issues aside, let's be REALLY truthful. A cocker body is a cocker body. You can spend a bit on pneus / internals but what you're paying a premium for on the custom shop guns is the name, the looks and the finish. That's about it. Hell, a good percentage of them were just remills of stock WGP bodies. Unfortunately I love the unique and don't mind the occasional quirks or tinkering. It's not that they didn't do a nice job with the empire, I just prefer a classic / custom over any mass produced gun.

Originally Posted by senghing27
Note: While I would love to take credit for his work, I am not associated with Mad Customs!
You can contact BigMatt-MadCustoms in his MCB forum
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interested in an 09 ego pink lady with all ups, case, lube, spare orings, and original box?
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WTB: Gen 2 and Gen 3 SFL Autocockers
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