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Hydro test failure?

So a thought occurred to me while looking at all my out if hydro tanks.

What is the percentage of tanks that actually fail hydrotesting?

Now I am not at all advocating the use of out of hydro tanks. It's just an honest curiosity. Anybody with experience in actual testing or sending in very large quantities of tanks? Are failures a common thing?
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If players beat the ever living snot out their tanks, then the failure rate is higher, also with advancements in tank technology I would imagine failure rates to decrease. Again just comes to how players treat their tanks.
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The failure rate of tanks is very very low in paintball.
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I havent done alot, but maybe 10 tanks with no failures yet. Ill ask them next time in over there. I'm curious as well
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It was a simple question....I thought.

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I've done 6 with no failures.
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Having worked at a paintball store, we sent dozens of tanks in for hydro and I only recall one coming back failed. That said, I never really dealt with the hydrotesting much so it might have been more.

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I've had 4 tanks re-hyrdoded, one twice.
No failures.
Now that I think about it, I don't know anyone personally who's had one fail, either.
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I've had tanks rehydro'd 5 or 6 times, 1 failure so far, oddly it was the newest tank I've ever sent in that failed on it's first rehydro, Ninja said somethign about the reg locking up when trying to take it off.
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I"ve not heard of one failing due to wear or damage but have heard about stripped threads during removal of reg.
I blame the tester as they may not know about the loctite used in PB.
I now remove my regs before sending in the tank as I don't like pipe wrench "bites" on my stuff.

I have had tanks tested that came back with some epoxy on chips in the coating.

Emergency responders do not baby their tanks like most PBallers so I can imagine they may have failures due to damaged fiber wraps.
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A used tank I had tested failed due to the threads being FUBAR. I wasn't in the know enough to assess if it was like that when I bought it, but the testors said they didn't even test it because it was like that when they took it off. They showed it to me.

Anyway, now anything that needs to get tested has the reg removed by me. Just one lees thing to go wrong.
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