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New Mask

Hey all! Im in the market for a new mask. I currently have e-vents and am looking for something with a more wide view. Fogging is also a problem for me as i primarily sweat out of my face. I have been watching videos of people unboxing masks and showing me how to take them apart..... i was really looking field user feedback....dye i4 and sly profit were the 2 top choices for me. Any thoughts?
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Both of your choices are quality products.

My son has I4s and they offer him great coverage and field of view. He tends to fog and the I4s do not have that problem. However they sure do not fit me. Neither are they comfortable or offer good coverage of my chin.

The profits seem to be very size specific in both coverage of the chin area and ears. When I tried them on, the ear pads that were supposed to be behind my ears, covered the openings, reducing my hearing. Can not tell you about fogging, as I nor my son ever played in them.

My advise, be sure to try your candidates on before you purchase.
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If you want to stay cool (temperature wise) the JT Proflex / Spectra is a great option to consider. It is very light weight and its breatheability is...well you just need to give one a try.
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Currently own and use an i4 and E-flex. Borrowed a friends Profit for a couple of games

Field of view on the i4 is awsome. By far the widest view both horizontally and vertically. The only thing I have against it is the coverage. I get nailed in the jaw often. Not the end of the world, but it sucks having big red marks on your face for a day or two. The E-flex breathes spectacularly and has the most comfortable foam I've seen in any mask, but it does feel a bit clunky compared to the i4 and does not have as wide a vertical angle of view. I hated the Profit. Fit was okay, but the foam on the ears is annoying and does not breath well at all. You instantly sound like Darth Vader in it.
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