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I wear harbor freight work gloves

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I've been using JT gloves for fifteen years. I have three pairs and the original isn't even close to giving up the ghost. They are nice and thing, which allows for good tactile response.
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I use Vaseline or jergens lotions, keeps my hands nice soft and we'll protected.

Oh damn wrong protection
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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
The Mechanix mpact gloves.....

^+1 they are pretty nice, and a couple camo options

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Best "paintball" gloves I ever used were old Raven gloves that in all actuality were re-branded warm water diving cloves.

I've seen a lot of people use and Like Mechanix gloves and I am currently using Husky brand gloves from the hardware store that have a terry cloth section on the thumb to wipe sweat and rubber on the knuckles that I can use to clear my lense enough to not trip over everything on my way off the field after I get gogged. They are working pretty well so far.
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Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
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I still have my Taso armored gloves that I bought way, way back in 1990.

They look like motocross gloves. I bought them after playing at an indoor field, and had my hand hit from a few inches away. Pain was intense.

They were notorious for turning your hands black.... and almost 25 years later, THEY STILL TURN MY HANDS BLACK! what the hell?

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Not even sure of the brand, but found them at Meijers IIRC. Very similar to the Lamont ones Bcuzz linked. I had some bike gloves, but they had the padded palms which made it feel funky. Have played in the cold before and used full fingered and usually layered. One pair of thin stretch fabric gloves (kids) and heavier Mechanix gloves over top.
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I use golf gloves. Had one lying around from when I used to play in high school and cut the tip off the trigger finger. Recently I bought a right and left hand glove Dick's on a buy 1 get 1 free deal, so it was about the same as a pair of mechanics gloves.

They don't give great protection, but you can't beat the flexibility and dexterity of golf gloves. I used a brown sharpie to color the back of the gloves and kept the palms and inside of the fingers white so they're good for hand signalling.
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