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Price check on some goodies

It's been a while since I've played, and I really need to scale back my collection. There's more than what I'll be listing right now, but I figured I'd get the more valuable things out of storage first. Will verify that they work before I post them for sale, but for now I just dug them out of storage and am going off of memory.

Springfed Nasty Houndstooth. Never used it a ton, as reloading 2 springfeeds in a fire fight is a pain, but It's a real head turner, and made for some good memories. In good working order.

K-frame pgp. Has palmer's speedfeed and muzzle brake, as well as the k-frame. In good working order.

Carter Boxgun. Bought used, hasn't seen much use. In working order, although pretty dusty.

AKA viking. pretty sure it's an '03, WAS board and I believe mac noids. No eyes. Pretty sure it worked last I used it, will have to double check.

Splash ano (I believe Bob Long?) sniper. (pending) Vert asa and trigger frame aren't matching. comes with a matching shroud. In working order.

Micro CA II. Decent shape, works well.

Worrbladed STO. Was originally blue, was reannoed black. Stock ram and LPR, believe the reg is a BL torpedo. Always wanted an e-cocker but just never used this one.

Palmer's 1k blazer. Comes with pump kit. Kind of feeling out with this one, still sees some use.

Late 90's cocker. Jackhammer 2 LPR, aftermarket 3way (not sure of brand), ram from a 2003 stock cocker, grip styx 2 finger slider frame, older SP barrel, air america messiah, evil delrin bolt, on/off ASA of some sort.

Half blocked sniper. Not sure what the body was. Dye knockoff trigger frame, stock internals, Macdev reg, won't be including the barrel

ICD thundercat. Comes with Taso barrel (don't think I have the stock one anymore). Works well, safety is missing

VM-68 with stock. Looks like a homebrew job on the stock but is solid. forward facing ASA. shoots well, but is missing the ball detent

Any input would be greatly appreciated

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Pm'd on Mag.
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250-350 on the Viking.
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A beatup box gun just sold for about 550 on ebay.
I think the k-frame pgp is 175-225.
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I'm pretty sure you would be lucky to get even $50 for such a dusty boxgun, but, since you seem like such a nice guy I'll give you an even hundred bucks for it, and only because I like you. I mean it is pretty dusty. Anyway let me know.

Seriously those are some pretty nice pieces you have there, sorry I can't help too much on actual values but I think you could get quite a bit for most of them.
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I'm pretty sure the dust adds to the value, it's a good protective layer. ....

Thanks for the responses so far everyone, keep them coming.
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Ooooh that splash sniper is pretty... It perfectly matches a Mag that I have.

Not sure what the value would be but once you nail it down I would be interested for sure.
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Bump, added and deleted some
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Splash Sniper doesn't look like a Bob Long, the patterna dn the X-chamber make me think Eclipse.

Micro CA II $100
'90's cocker $120
ThunderCat $40
Half Block Sniper ~$100
VM $50?
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The anno and squared-off milling on the Sniper II looks period-correct to be a Bob Long gun, but the match-anodized bottomline ASA appears to be a Guerilla Machete, which wouldn't come out until 15 years later.
Most curious...

upload picture
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