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Pretty much agree with all the above in order including the recommendation of Valken Redeption.It's been our staple paint at our club field for 12 years and I've really haven't had a bad or inconsistent batch ie: dimpling,sweating,broken balls ovaled out balls.
Quick turnarounds are key for rentals and means,something our team field severely lacks
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Originally Posted by dutchman View Post
So what's the answer other then field paint only and one brand on the field?
Have people chrony before they go on the field. If you have enough staff and they know what they are doing it should only take a couple minutes. If somebodys gun is shooting hot send them back to staging if they can't turn it down quickly right there. To me quickly is in about 10 seconds. If I can get a cocker or my CCM adjusted that quick you should be able to get any gun that is adjusted with a regulator fixed that quick.

Also spot check people on the field. If somebody with their own gear is shooting hot send them off the field the first time and home without a refund the second time.

Another option is to make all rentals shoot the same paint, whatever grade you deem appropriate. Then give people with their own gear paint options or offer the one paint and charge more for BYOP players.

I'm not a fan of RPS or Empire paint. I haven't shot good paint from them in years with the exception of maybe a case or 2 of Evil. If I have my choice I buy Valken Redemption.
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Special weekend events, like pump day, limited paint games, newbie days and the like.

Secondly, since games of CTF always become kill the other team, make it more fun by adding in a benefit of capturing it. Say a bag of paint to the player who hangs it or a free refill or even a green fee for their next time out.

Like stated, good refs who know what they're doing go a long way, and find someone who has some EMT background to be at the field at all times, I've heard this will keep insurance down some.
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1) Safety, safety and safety ( you should kick unsafe players into the shop for a bit and if it continues off the field and if it STILL continues, ban them. Safety is the most important thing in our sport
2)natural/friendly staff
3) at least 1 youth (under 18) referee, they are more relate able for younger players
4) membership/discount for regulars (this one goes a long way in getting your dedicated players coming back, throw in a free bag of paint or cut the entry fee. They will appreciate it)
5) fun atmosphere, unless you are a dedicated scenario/mil-sim field always emphasize that this is a place for fun and that it is a sport, not war.
6) finally, variety. Let everyone play, mix the mag-feds with the pumps and the electros and the mechs. They are all paintball and if they don't mind then they should all play together. It should be encouraged, all that limited paint isn't a challenge if it's only against other limited paint.
7) one more thing, those that bonus ball rec/rent ball players must be treated by an experienced staff player to a through *** kicking on the field, and sha'll receive bonus balls from said staff player
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My number one is just a decently laid out field that's not 6 inches deep in water or half gravel and knee slicing shells for over half the year

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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Originally Posted by JLuke View Post
My number one is just a decently laid out field that's not 6 inches deep in water or half gravel and knee slicing shells for over half the year
It's funny how the one that thing hounds most field design is simple drainage. If you're going to invest in a great field layout, then making sure it drains well is pretty important. (Dig a swale!)
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I can't really put these in any sort of order as I find them all to be requirements to make the best of my day, but here is a general list:

-ACTIVE staff. I want refs who actually move around to observe the games, check people for hits without having to be asked, call people out for bonus balls, etc. (This goes a LONG way to building a field atmosphere of safety and fair play, which ensures a more fun day for everyone and a generally good atmosphere)
-Clean field. Yes, paint is going to build up on everything, but once a week (adjust for how much use your field gets) clean the paint off the walls, shovel up the shells, etc (especially if it's an indoor field)
-Indoor fields need good lighting.
-Free air refills (preferably from a compressor rather than just air tanks so we can have consistent fills, you can incorporate the cost into the entry fee)
-A couple of paint options. I like to shoot Evil or other really high quality brittle paint if I'm using my electro or something, but if I'm using my Milsig or other gun that's a bit tougher on paint I like to run graffiti for example. Renters and such won't want to shell out the cash for those paints, so a third low cost option would be good for them. Chrono the rentals before handing them out and if someone wants to switch paint ask them to chrono again.
-Going with the previous comment, I am always more comfortable at a field if the ref watches and checks everyone chronoing before each persons first game, rather than leaving it to the honor system and checking them later after a complaint.
-Pro shop/tech area, should have the essentials on hand like batteries, and tank o-rings, and it would be nice if they had some 12g available for sale as well in case someone runs out and doesn't want to switch guns.
-Fun field layout that creates opportunities for multiple game areas and modes. I want to play full field elimination, street fight, something where the you can only move around the outer edge (play area is a ring), Some kind of U-turn match (horeshoe shaped map, objective to reach the second corner, full respawns, this is often a player favourite as wells as a great paint burner to make you some money). If you can have a speedball field bank onto the side of an area with buildings then it gives some variety to your matches as well if you incorporate both (and have a movable mesh to separate them to play 2 different matches at once when the occasion demands it).

I'll revisit this later when more comes to mind.
Originally Posted by JonnyDread View Post
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For woodsball you need,

-Good staff
-Good rental equipment (thermal lenses for masks)
-Fresh paint with quality options. (Cost is irrelevant if you have the field and players to back it up)
-Mix of games make it interesting (think Call of Duty) (respawn games are a blast with a center objective)
-Limit BPS on the Woodsball field. "those guys" just piss people off.

I Agree OSG is doing it right. When I got a big group of friends together that have never played before I drove 4.5hrs and took them there.

For speedball you need,

-A central location to large populated areas with easy access
-Regulation size fileds that are leval and current with the updated bunkers.
-Axcess to 4500 fills.
-Cheapist paint you can find that shoots straight.
-A well known home team that everyone wants to play in the area.
-Quality refs that keep games moving.

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Okay, quick question I see free air as an option but covering the cost in another way. When we did all day air for a set fee. We had trouble with guys topping off their tanks every game, they could have a 114 cu in and be down 100 psi from full and they wanted it topped off. We lost a lot of time waiting for these guys that we could have been playing. It's ridiculous to top off every game, how do you guys do it with air?

And we have a nice compressor it's a Mako with 6 full size tanks in the 3600 PSI bank and 2 in the 4500 psi bank. The Mako also has the filters and dryer to keep moisture out so as not to give you fills that helps to rust your regulator parts. We thought that would be a nice touch!
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Staff and general field organization.

Teenage staff sitting on counters talking to friends, or players waiting around too long for games to start just because staff is lazy are big no no's for me.

Act and run the field like a legit business. Just cause it's paintball doesn't mean its somehow a business that should ignore common sense, easy, customer service type functions.

I have found over the years that most paintball places have a aura about them that their field is not customer service based....a too cool for school type of thing. Its a industry wide problem i believe. Drives me nuts!
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