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This is a very difficult thing to accurately gauge due to variances in climate and distribution. If you live close to a distributor odds are you are going to get fresher paint versus someone living a couple of states or provinces away assuming there's a demand locally. My paint will always be different from those in low lying California as I'm at elevation (4500+).
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Originally Posted by lmartin View Post
i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.
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From what i've seen so far, it differs from manufaturer to manufacturer. Last year i have been shooting mostly proshar, (made in russia) that rolled trough a .675 Last november i was at a other field and bought a case of Valken paint, same deal. Last summer i got so fed up with the local field paint that i went to paintball store and got a case of Sterling mirage. Not the most awesome paint but it was decent sized (.689) and i was finally able to get the pump out of the gearbag.
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Over the past year of going to various field within my tri-state area i've shot .676 to .695. In some cases paint of the same type has gone from .685 to .678 between batches. I don't ever take paint size for granted, and check everything that i use. But most of the Valken Infinity i've seen at my local field has stayed around .685 for a while, till this last batch dropped to .678.
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Originally Posted by Axel View Post
In manufacturing, the circular size of a feature is usually expressed as the smallest theoretical perfect circle into which the imperfect form being measured would fit.

In other words, your dimpled *** .672 paint is a long shot aways from a perfect circle
well if the paint was full dimples like an golf ball it would work better... good old myth busters
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Originally Posted by thrasher_565 View Post
well if the paint was full dimples like an golf ball it would work better... good old myth busters
I may be crazy, but I swear that I remember something like that discussed in APG back in the early 90s.

Don't think that it ever made it to production, but there was a company that was experimenting with uniform dimples. Also, remember that there was a company who said that they had come up with a process for 100% filled and seamless paint that would still split on impact.
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Remember the Rap4 G.O.L.F. balls? Corkscrew-trajectory performance.
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This video shows a better point of view with slower footage of those Rap4 balls:
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Originally Posted by Axel View Post
The technical smart *** answer to your question is .68000000000000000... ad infinitum

Smallest diameter 000000000000000.68 inch paintballs is .68000000000000000 inches allowing for 17 digits of precision.

Smallest diameter .68 inch is so-called .68 but in reality is .67500000000000000, which had been round up to 2 digits of precision, but only if you are a scientist or engineer or lawyer that is unconcerned with any higher precision than two digits, and wouldn't care either if in reality the diameter is .68499999999999999 inches

This may explain why manufacturers call variable-sized paintballs ".68" with only two digits of precision -- not obligated to be precise

Maybe someone could say if you get receive any purchased paintballs that are smaller than .67499999999999999 inches or larger than .68499999999999999 inches you could sue the manufacturer for false advertising. But then the defendant could take your paintball sample and squeeze it between his fingers until it is within the lower and upper allowable range and show the judge and jury. Then you can ask that they do the same for all the paintballs in a case or bag. And then everyone can start bickering over semantics and spend lots of time like I had in writing this, plus court fees. And we all know paintball and the court should never go together

Makes you wonder if the 2-inch diameter rule for non-expiration aluminum CO2 tanks could apply to 2.4999999999999999 inch diameter ones? If a CO2 tank shoots off like a rocket and causes personal/property damage, hey it was less than 2.4999999999999999 inches in diameter so not my fault! An Apache helicopter can have a rocket pod loaded with 2.4999999999999999 inch CO2 rocket tanks and the operator would not be responsible for the damage it causes to the target
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