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I prefer the CCI t-stock. It is adjustable for different lengths. Lapco makes a good looking stock with an ASA built in that works great for open class guns.
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I've been running an L stock on my phantom for a couple years and here are my thoughts. It's very sturdy but have had one case where the rear tube came a little loose at the end of the day. Not a huge deal breaker and haven't had the same problem since. The length is great for the average sized guy but the problem I have about it is the lack of drop. For me, it would be so much better if the bend was dropped about 2". I literally rest the bottom 1/2" of the vertical tube on my shoulder to where it feels there's a finger constantly being pressed on my muscle, so the rest of the 5 1/2 inches are sticking straight up. I found while switching hands, I just rest the whole thing on top of my shoulder. The T stocks have always interested me but I've heard endless stories of the adjuster screw being stripped which causes it to always change on you. And the L stock is much prettier to me. If I was looking for a stock I would make my own out of 1/2" conduit and a tube bender. Might be a future project for me.
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the correct option is...whichever gives you the reach and rise you are looking for.
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Barrels are like girls... Some people are just happy to have one that looks good. Or even one that everyone else likes. Other people want a tight, accurate bore to run their balls through.
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Originally Posted by Snowking63 View Post
I've been running an L stock on my phantom for a couple years and here are my thoughts.
Thanks! That's the kind of response I was hoping to get, an informative story/experience.

I think I will go with the T stock as I know it has the reach and rise that I am looking for at a reasonable price

Thanks again, all
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As a side note, if you like the L-stock but want adjustment, you should be able to order the L-shoulder piece on the T-adjustable stock. At least Mike used to do that.
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