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Cocker frame on WGP ranger info?

I picked up a WGP Ranger a few months back and have been looking into "upgrades".

I saw this ranger up on ebay with what appears to be an autococker slider frame on it.

So I was wondering, what is required to make a cocker frame work on a Ranger?
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The sear is different. The stock ranger frame is just a sniper II frame with a different sear. In a ranger it trips by raising the front to contact the sear on the bolt instead of dropping the back. I'm pretty sure you can't just swap the ranger's sear into a slide frame because of the way the trigger plate engages the sear. My guess is they either swapped a trigger plate from an auto tracer kit in there or made something similar. This is the best picture I could find of one. You can see the nub sticking out of the top of the frame to trip the ranger's sear.
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Here is a look at the Auto Trracer trigger plate compared to a standard pre 2k cocker trigger plate.
And more at:
Autotrracer trigger plates vs Pre 98 Autococker - Old News Paintball History

And a Nelspot with this frame and WGP Ranger/Commando internals. Hammer sear cut to work with this trigger. No frame sear is used in this set up.
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So I ended up purchasing that Ranger with the slider after the seller relisted it. The sear trigger plate is not the same setup as the pictures you guys posted. It looks more like a standard autococker trigger plate that has been modified, and has what looks like a ranger sear in the frame.

But its not really working, the trigger has to be pulled fully back, and its not releasing the hammer every time. It released the hammer a few times, but doesnt seem to actually work.
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