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DIY 12 gram replacement cartridges?

This is not another thread about reusing 12 grams.

Also I know 12 grams are cheap.This is simply a conceptual 'could you?' thread. I haven't seen this particular idea discussed elsewhere.

Using pipe, two caps, and a nipple with check valve, could one not manufacture a 12 gram replacement cartridge?

You would need:
  • A threaded pipe of proper diameter (3/4 in? 1/2 in? mostly limited by the diameter of caps for the pipe size) and length (plus caps and nipple, of course) to fit approximately the dimensions of a 12 gram.
  • Two caps, one drilled and tapped with 1/8 NPT threads
  • 1 1/8 NPT check valve.

Volume would presumably be too low to be of any use for HPA. But could it be useful for CO2? What kind of pipe would be best to handle the CO2 pressure range?

Threading the inside of the pipe and using plugs instead of caps might let you use slightly larger in diameter pipe - maybe more volume?
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You'd be screwing around with energy levels best left to the professionals
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Everything about this is a terrible idea.
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