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GOG eNMey – Low pressure input


I recently upgraded the ASA on my enmey to a PE OOPS 2. While perfectly functional it is quite difficult to engage. I use a Ninja SL77 w/ pro v2 reg. My googling suggests that the large surface area of the ball pin makes it hard to engage especially for the PE POPS ASAs. I make the comparison because, as I understand it, mechanically the POPS and OOPS2 are the same.

The fix suggested in a few threads and Jack Wood (Help! Recommended Ninja Air Tank and Air Regulator for Planet Eclipse GSL - Thanks!) is to reduce tank reg pressure to 450-550psi. This will make tank engagement easier for the POPS and, hopefully, the OOPS2.

Any benefits from a Low pressure tank(300psi) on a Enemy? – Link to a thread about the benefits or lack thereof of using a low pressure tank on a enmey. This thread makes the claim that as long as input pressure is double that of the operation pressure there is basically null benefit. Obvious exception of an easier engagement on the tank which what I want without compromising marker function/reliability/consistency.

I am asking here for second opinions and affirmation that the information is correct.

Thank you
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With a bit more digging and rereading the user manual. From -

“Due to the high flow characteristics of the V2 ball seal regulator you may experience connection / activation difficulties with certain markers ASA. To eliminate simply reduce the V2 regulator output pressure to 550 psi by removing (2) shims see page 4, Pressure Conversion”

Well you don’t say ninja paintball. Thank you for putting that in a red font with exclamation mark, 3rd point down after the documents title. It could not be more clear, obvious or blatant.

I am a fool but I had fun. Mods, please delete this madness.

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Hell, this has been one of the few questions I've seen with so much detail and background. OP even posts the answer to his question when he finds it!

If only my IT questions could be like that.
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Screw the pops in, then screw the tank on to it until it engages the ball pin. It's that simple.
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Originally Posted by Carlito View Post
Screw the pops in, then screw the tank on to it until it engages the ball pin. It's that simple.
Thanks little Carl
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Update. Finally got my lazy bones down to the field. Removed two shims as per the instructions dropping tank output to apparently 550psi. I have no way to test. It tickled my fancy as to how thin the shims were. I was expecting something more substantial.

1. I can confirm that removing the shims makes the planet eclipse OOPS 2 easier to engage. Tank filled to 3.5k as the field was not outputting at 4k today. Close enough.
2. Consistent over the chrono. GOG eNMey. 285fps +/- 5fps. 14” freak, 679 insert and the now $5 more expensive than last month cause I told the field owner I would pay more to make sure he would stock them Thinkbig Meteor paintballs of ~684 bore.
3. No shoot down? To me shoot down is when you let off a rapid string and some of those balls fall short of the target because the marker was starved of air. No shoot down but then an enmey is a slow shooter.

To conclude – I have achieved nothing other than being weak in the hands. Ha.

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