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Eblade stopped working.

Several fresh Duracell batteries already used.

Got an eblade e1 cocker in a trade. The marker fired fine before I messed with it. I took it completely apart, put it back together, and still dry fired it a few times because it was fun. I had no problems, but I only shot 15-30 times dryfiring after I put it back together.

I put the marker aside for a few months. I'm playing tomorrow and the damn thing won't dry fire. Electricity is getting to the connectors for both noids. I measured something like 8.3 volts going across the pins on a battery that measures 9.3 v. When I did get a reading, a small green led light next to the connector lit up.

I took the sear noid out just to make sure it wasn't being squeezed. Didn't work. It appears that the board just isn't seeing the trigger pulls. I adjusted the trigger, removed the trigger, and used some tweezers to simulate the trigger going through the optical sensor. Still nothing.

There was a tiny little spring behind the trigger that came with the marker that I took out. It was just loosely jammed in there and it looked like it would fall out. It also didn't look like it had any purpose. I thought the person I got it from had just jammed it in there.

Any help would be appreciated, even if it doesn't help me before tomorrow.
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Could you have hooked the front noid wire to the spot on board for sear noid?
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No, I checked by plugging it into both. Then I checked the manual. Then I checked the E2 manual to make sure there wasn't a typo in the E1 manual.

I also reset the board to factory settings, slow, medium, and fast.

Also, when if I take the battery out for 10 minutes or so, and then put it back in the LED flashes with 4 red squares and then turns off. I can turn it on after that. The LED won't do that if I quickly take the batteyr out and put it back in.

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this happened to mine...when i was bulding my first ...(still aint done cause i got a leak outa the noid housing..)
it was the optical sensors picking up the ambient light in the room when i had the grip covers off..try this.
on the two black vertical eye ur fingers on em..not in em blocking the trigger tang...just the black piers..
i kinda put a finger tip on the top one...and "bridged" my finger across to the bottom...pull the trigger...see what that does..( air..blade on..eyes off)

and mine didnt have a spring for the trigger...strictly magnetic.
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Tried the optical sensor, as you suggested. Didn't work.

I remember this thing automatically turning on when I put a battery in. Now it throws up 4 red squares and turns itself off when I put a battery in and makes me turn it on.
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u tested voltage at the pins while activating the sensor? (i saw u measured voltage..but did you see if there was a reading at the clapper noid pins...
mine lights up with batt blocks too when i put in a battery...i dont think that has anything to do with it.
check the ir sensor by putting your cell camera on and looking at it through your phone (cell phone cams see ir light should see a purplish light comin from the top sensor i believe)
how is the capacitor at the top?
ill look at mine when i get home to check my readings.

also have to remember that the capacitor..holds a charge...thats why it doesnt shut down why you pull the battery and put it back fast...

i am also assuming there is no click or signs of life at all at the click...nada....

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