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Just remember, you are the field. Everything we complain about here, the cheating, the bonus balling, the renters in games with gear owners, etc. is all about reffing.

If the field owner doesn't give you the power to make it a good experience for the player then walk away.

Also, in private games its customary to tip the ref, so act as both the ref and MC. Mix it up in teams and games you play. Make sure private games have priority over every one else there. Make sure you're getting them on the field first. Again, the field owner should give you the power to take care of these customers as VIP's.
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Know how to interact with rental groups that need constant supervision and the experienced groups that don't want a lot of down time.

One of the things I notice with some of the refs that are good with kids and birthday groups are that they tell the kids ahead of time that if they misbehave, take off their masks, don't have a BBD on or anything else against the rules they will get told in a loud voice to remedy the problem immediately. They explain the safety reasons why and that if they refuse or if they keep doing the problem they will be kicked off the field with no refunds for the rest of the day.

Also, announcing to your group (if you have an assigned group) that we have an XX min break and the next game is in XX min. Letting them know this helps keep them ready, I know the experienced guys (like myself) heavily appreciate this.

Other things to keep in mind that have been meantioned:
Extra padding (if desired)
Communication with staff
Quick snacks that can be carried are helpful
Lens cleaner
W..... Keep a bottle of pedialyte on hand, you never know if you or someone else may need some serious hydration.
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When I reffed I always carried a towel. Great as a shoeld or to cover the head of players that take their mask off

Support your local fields. The game you save may be your own.

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Like others have said, be stern with your calls and when enforcing the rules. I usually do a "3 strike rule" with masks, meaning the first warning about your mask is during the safety briefing, take it off on the field (strike 2), you sit for a game or 2 and strike 3 is you're done for the day. Keep a towel/rag in your pocket to wipe masks off, make sure chrono rules are followed. I do not allow people that are playing with rentals to chrono themselves, I either stand next to them and watch or take their marker and do it myself. I also check rate of fire and fire modes in the same group, leave ramping on the speedball field unless team guys and other tournament players are playing on the scenario fields.

Also remember to let significant others know you are reffing! Just in case you take a neck shot
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Your cell phone has no place on the field. Leave it somewhere safe in staging or in your car. Every time I see a ref dicking with a cell phone it makes a lasting negative impression.


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Regarding water: I've seen refs use a pod pack for multiple water bottles.
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Go to the field excited!
Don't let players just sit in the box for 20 minutes... keep the games moving. By the end of the day if players are just too tired to play, you did a good job of keeping the play going.

One of my biggest issues, more so than cheating, is waiting around for a game.
Be vocal, let them know you are a part of the game, if the players are having a bad time, change fields, keep an eye on team balance because people like to suddenly leave.

Then all that safety stuff.. too.
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Well, I did everything you guys recommended and everything seemed to go pretty well. I even managed to get the birthday boy from one of the parties to run the gauntlet.
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dont make it a habit for standing around in the ref pack jawing all the time, mingle with the customers and ask if the have any questions or concerns
do anything and everything the field manager or field owner and even if applicable property owner asks of you, ANYTHING............

remember, that "jackoff behind the rental equipment or the wanna be pro" is the CUSTOMER, they way you like to be treated when spending that extra 94 cents at arbys on your chick do get some nookie is how they want to be treated

that tatted dude in the big group ( basically any douchehat carrying-on), cuss words flowing like coors banquet at a bbq, you need to shut him up, just cause your a ref and it maynot be "your job" it is where you are employed and behaviour like that needs to be addressed
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