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Bad Juju
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In the 100 round range, the GoG hopper is a wonderful thing.
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Mrs. Harbinger the void
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Still popping them with a winny up here.
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Tippmann hopper with speedfeed. Improved feed over the original Sportshot and slightly smaller in size too.
Tippmann Multi-Caliber Paintball Hopper .50 cal (340 Rnds) or .68 cal (100 Rnds) | eBay
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Facta Non Verba
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The new App loader is nice.
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Money Pits 'R Us
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Been using a Pico (Inception designed shell with Halo internals). No shaking, no misfeeds. Love that little guy.
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Trilogy Apologist
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Most of the pump guys around here are using the APP 50 round hoppers. I myself have a Winchester. Thinking of picking up the APP as well to compare.

ThT Tippmann hopper looks pretty good too. I'll have to check them out.

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Chuck E Ducky
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Winchester for 50s / Revvy for 140s
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The new APP 50 round Sightfeeders are nice. They come with a pod top now instead of the clear plastic fliptop. Makes it much easier to put on a speedfeed. Little bit taller and bigger than the older ones.

Still prefer my Ammobox. You can use a little sleeve of pvc or copper to make it fit modern necks.

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I use a sport shot on my Sniper. Looking at trying the gog hopper though
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There was a recent post about a guy printing small hoppers... benji and his flowing loks is in it....
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