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Thanks for all the recs, y'all. Some of those Danners look really nice.
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I wear the Moabs mentioned above 3/4 of the time. I went with the goretex version, mid height.

Freaking love them.
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Originally Posted by Cunha View Post
Guy asked for light weight.

Like only Nike made those tennis shoe like high boots. Other boots are pretty heavy except compared to lumberjack / wilderness fire fighter boots.
Nike 8" SFBs are 34oz per pair (supposedly Nikes lightest)
Danner Ultralights are 35oz per pair (Edit: I guess the model is called Tachyon now)

Not familiar with all of the other brands mentioned, but there are other lightweight ones out there. It's really nice to have the 8" lightweights, I would die without the ankle support on the fields around here.
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I always go with indoor football turf cleats. The soft spiked soles allow for great traction in the woods and on the Xball field. They have great support and can often be found in the clearance section cheap and are always very light. I'm currently using a hightop pair from Adidas Most of the time I get 3-4years out of them.
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I use special Irish Setter Menís 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8Ē Hunting Boots. Irish Setter has was able to seriously look into these problems to make this boot more flexible and lightweight while also keeping the same waterproof and durable qualities that have always made a hunting boot great. Source: UTOS.
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Keen, if you can afford it.
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I love Keens, but their quality has really gone downhill over the last few years. I moved on to 5.11 Tactical Series boots, the 8" TacLite ( They are extremely comfortable, lightweight, and provide more than adequate support. The tread is a hybrid, with elements of a hiking boot and a cross trainer, but when it comes time to run, they feel like a running shoe. Insoles are top notch as well.

They are pricey, just like everything else 5.11 makes, but they are quality boots.

My only complaint is the ones I got aren't waterproof like Keens (they do make a waterproof version, just more $$), and my local field has a river running through it, which I end up going through quite a bit.
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