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LT72884 10-06-2017 02:45 AM

Apex barrel
So, i know very little about the apex barrel. I know it puts back spin on the ball and that is all i know.

Does the apex easily make the paintball fly more straight and further?

When it comes to accuracy, does it perform as well as a barrel kit?

I have heard you can put one on a barrel kit, i would think this would be a mute point because the whole idea behind a barrel kit is to keep that paint nice and tight in the insert and then once it leaves the insert, to not disturb it anymore so that ots trajectory is soley based upon said insert. However, an apex i would think interferes with that and that is the last contact for the ball is that apex.

All i have for barrels is a stock 98 barrel and a older style barrel kit. Will apex work with theeae barrels or do i jave to buy, yet again, another barrel?

Im not looking for effiency as in longer lasting air, i just want my paint to fly far, straight, and hit a circle the size of a basketball 90% of the time. Is that possible with the apex? Do i need to get a flatline barrel AND an apex2 to go on it?

Thanks much

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killerito 10-06-2017 03:26 AM

I know on my 2k sniper with field paint my apex 2 barrel shooots more accurately than my freak with an under bore. The whole curve the paint thinin my experience is a little wonky. I would say it hits the same area basketball size probaly 75%ish of the time. I'm pretty sure it's just cuz every paintball isn't the same so they spin different or something along those lines. I know that you arnt looking at that part but thought it would me some what help full.
The apex2 for the drop shot and distance is awsome just keep in mind you have to aim up pretty high other wise the ball hits the ramp and goes to the floor. The 90% is doable it. Just depends on paint the shooter ect. Haha
Then as far as compatibility I know you can tape mod most barrels to accept the original apex tip not sure about the apex2. I tape modded my trracccer barrel

Hope that was at least some what helpful. I'm sure someone can explain it far better than I

paintzapper 10-06-2017 06:16 AM

Would you like to borrow one and see how you like it?
You will need an APEX ready barrel or an adapter for either 7/8 diameter barrels (several manufactures, deadlywind comes to mind) or threaded tipped barrels.
Also, no you dont need a flatline, that mod is actually known as the monster spin barrel.

Saint_TGM 10-06-2017 08:35 AM

My experiences with the Apex have been meh. The way it works is by imparting a backspin to the ball, which then confers certain aerodynamic qualities to it. You can select the degree of spin, and the direction to achieve a variety of "trick shots." Shots like hooking a ball around a bunker, or achieving greater range. The problems I had were twofold: First, the paint has to be of high quality and consistency from ball to ball in order to get reproducible accuracy. With a bag of crapy field paint from an FPO field or event, you'll have paint going everywhere. Secondly as you extend the range of your ball, you lose the energy necessary for it to break. I remember getting some really long hits with an Apex, but they were usually bounces... Now there are some folks on here who have had some great success with the Apex. Free Enterprise, a member here, comes to mind, and has some good videos. All in all, the Apex is probably not a bad system to try and see if you like, and maybe get good at using. But in the grand scheme of life, I found that I preferred a traditional barrel.

The Inflicted 10-06-2017 11:57 AM


Originally Posted by LT72884 (Post 3422243)

Does the apex easily make the paintball fly more straight and further?

Further, yes.
More straight, no.
Paintballs given a Magnus effect backspin by an Apex or Flatline barrel actually fly in an exaggerated S-curve rather than a normal parabola, relative to the ground.

LT72884 10-06-2017 05:19 PM

Oh yes the good ol magnus effect. Its like trying to throw a basket ball off of a dam into a hoop.... wait, thats been done.

Ok, this is good info. I did find a youtibe video on the monsterspin and its pretty cool. Flatline mixed with apex. I would love to have super straight flight and further shots for me paint.

Anyone have exp with flatline and apex?

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thrasher_565 10-07-2017 11:15 PM

the guy on this video is on theses forms. he clams its accret but i don't think it is but that's imo. shooting a hopper to get some one out i just don't see how that's accret. yes it could be a 1 shot head kill but the other 199 are spray and pray but anyway. (just so you no i have nothing agents the guy he cool in my books just don't believe the hype) so the apex you have to point your barrel about 35ish degrees to get it flat. were as the flatline you have it well flat. so it be almost shoot once see were it lands and adjust kinda deal. i don't think there a way to accretly see were it going to land at your maker point in the air so any kind of aiming wold not work. hmm i wound if you mount a dot to the side of the marker.... so that's what the side weave rail is for! ya there all most an apex tip for most barrels and there adapter too. or the tape job.

LT72884 10-08-2017 12:31 AM

Dang. I juat want them flat shots haha. I did not know he was on these forums. Thanks for the input. I guess any barrel that shots flat and far is nice. But i jeard that the flatline does well for flat shots and the apex does well for further

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Law 10-08-2017 12:24 PM

My experience with the apex was similar as above, it shoots a little further but you get a lot of bounces at the distance. The drop shots were useful in scenario games in the woods, but not really that often. The thing that made me put it away though is that it requires you to hold the gun completely vertical for shots as the spin is only in 1 direction. I do a lot of leaning, and found I couldn’t hit anything with the ramp engaged. So, I got the J&j adapter that lets it slip on other barrels, and I only pull it out and put it on every couple of years now.

punisher068 10-08-2017 12:35 PM

I'll agree with the 2 previous posts
Increased range,not a flat trajectory, unlikely to break at range
Nice gimmick but I'll keep my standard arc and range any day over the Apex

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