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Originally Posted by iKNOWaFATman View Post
I think the real question is being ignored... why did it burst....might be a problem inside the reg...not just a faulty burst disk...
If it was a 5k disc that burst, being filled from a 3k scuba system, the problem is assumedly with the disc itself, either fatigue or a manufacturing flaw. It's not as if the regulator could somehow compress the air in the bottle beyond the fill pressure.
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I'd do it.

I do many things that some might not think "safe". Still around after 50 yrs. I also think that most people are overly cautious.

One of these days, Darwin will stop by but not this day.

*** Crap! Its Friday the 13th! Maybe I should not tempt fate like that **
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The field ought to sell you one off their rental tanks if they don't have any handy to sell you. I once bought a fill nipple from the rental shop at my local PB field and they took it off one of their tanks.
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Its so strange, back when I hit the field every other weekend I would see no one with squeegees or pull-thru squeegee cables and I'd be like 'WTF these people are unprepared' .. but if I had a broken blown-out burst disc these same people would be like, "Oh, take mine, have like 5 of them." "No, take mine!"
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