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how stupid is this on a scale of 1-10?

I bought a new First Strike 48/3000 tank off the Internets last week. I specifically bought one with a 950 psi output regulator so I could try out an RT mag when I play tomorrow. But when the tank arrived yesterday and I tried filling it with my SCUBA tank, the brand-freaking-new 5k burst disk blew. So the tank is basically useless until I can order a replacement. (There are no paintball fields or stores anywhere close to me, so I can't get a replacement there.)

When I started thinking about it, though, I realized I could simply plug the burst disk hole with something else. I have some 7.5k burst disks, for instance. Heck, I could even use a plain old 1/8 NPT plug.

I mean, I know the burst disks are there for my safety. You don't want the tank exploding if some idiot overfills it. But I'm the only one who's going to handle the tank. I'm taking it to a private field where I will personally fill it from a SCUBA tank that's only has 3000 psi inside. And the weather tomorrow will be 70 degrees and cloudy, so the tank won't expand much after it's filled (if at all). I mean really. What's the worst that could happen?

I suppose there's a tiny, tiny little chance the tank could explode and kill someone. That would suck. It's not like this is the only chance I'll ever have to RT my Automag. I've got other tanks. And I'm sure I'll play again with the high output reg at a later date.

You know what? Never mind. I talked myself out of it. I'll just order the replacement and wait for that.
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You might be pleasantly surprised and find someone willing to give you their extra burst disk. I had that happen to me a couple times with either HPA or CO2. Not bad idea to have extras in your tackle box
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I mean if you fill from a 3k tank into a 3k tank you'll only get 3k.

The bigger issue is remembering to replace the burst disk when you do go to a field.
Better idea to just order a new one and have it mailed to you.

Since it's a new tank I'd actually contact the store you bought it from and let them know, in the rare chance you have a defective product they should fix it for you, or maybe even send you a new burst disk.
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Fairly stupid...

If you are up in the DC/Baltimore area, swing by... I have a bag full of burst discs.


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Well, good suggestions above so for me the main problem is that this post will give the family of the guy who dies unnecessary evidence against you.
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This might be somewhere between "suicidal" and "really dumb", but I've known people to make their own replacement discs by buying sheet copper of the appropriate thickness and punching new discs out. You would have to know the exact thickness for the desired failure pressure, of course...
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Does anyone read this?
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"only 3000 psi".

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That seems odd that the 5k disk blew. Usually its the low pressure one which is 1.8k. But like others have said, just contact the place you got it from and they'll send you one
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I think the real question is being ignored... why did it burst....might be a problem inside the reg...not just a faulty burst disk...
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Originally Posted by iKNOWaFATman View Post
I think the real question is being ignored... why did it burst....might be a problem inside the reg...not just a faulty burst disk...
If it's the 5k that went, that's before it gets through the reg, so that should be a non-issue.

Should you do it? No, you should replace the burst disc. Will you blow yourself up? Not if you're using a bulk tank that's only at 3k. If something happens under those conditions, you've got bigger problems than a burst disc.
Originally Posted by TSSOC.Professor View Post
Oh no.
Originally Posted by Axel View Post
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