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Shi Tamagutsu Ka
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The time has come, the Walrus said...

To speak of one particular thing.
Times is hard for me right now, financially speaking.

I have a veritable museum of paintball history. Around 100 antique markers from before they needed batteries and all the accessories to go with (some of which are really hard to find or never been seen by most folks), extra parts & barrels, magazines spanning over 20 years...The list seems endless.
But I cannot afford to haul it around to show off, nor can I get away like I used to.

My question is; What am I to do with all this stuff?

I'm getting older, I ain't gonna be around a whole lot longer.
Nobody around me has a clue as to what I've got or what it might be worth.
Sure, I could sell it off piece by piece and see what I get, but the collection is special because it's not just a bunch of the same thing. I feel it's worth more as a collection than the individual value of its parts.

I'm thinking I need to liquidate the whole mess.
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Am I correct in assuming this is your said hord?

Unless you are able to find someone/a group of people that are willing to grab it all in one go and preserve its glory, tis gonna be hard to find someone who will take it all and even harder to find someone who will keep them all together. And yet even harder to find people not looking for a bulk purchase discount.
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phantom phanatic
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I'm with paintzapper on this one....a single buyer/group of buyers is likely going to be hard to find if you are aiming to move all those in one sale or one batch.

Maybe start selling off the ones you "for sure" don't need/want to keep around anymore? Start thinning out the collection, and keep just the 10 most important/valued/lusted after markers for yourself? Just an idea...I know it would be hard to part with such a large and well-rounded collection, but if most of them sit all season anyway...maybe some of the MCB crew could give them a little love on the field now and again?

I see a few phantoms in there I'd be willing to help ya out with...
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AKA Maggy Moo
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Selling a large group of guns, regardless of whether or not they are the same model or not, will always be less profitable than selling individually.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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If I had the money and still did the road trips I used to do I'd get the whole lot and tour them around like was originally done by you and Jim Masse. Wish I had an answer brother,if you want a place to store everything and still have it shown off you can bring it to me and I'll show it off anytime I can... Otherwise not sure what else can be done aside from breaking up the collection and selling them off. It'd be great if one of the other Marshals could buy the lot and continue to display them.
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The Moses of Pump
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Real talk man. I’m sure members would be happy to help, but as others have said, all at once is tricky
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This might be a great thing to get Daniel Bacci involved in. He has the pipeline to sell large amounts of stuff and loves the history of guns.
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Post Whore
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I have to ask.

Aside from the prideful ability to say you HAVE this hoard of "treasures to no one" what IS the point in having them, to you?
Your own post indicates that not many people (no one in your direct life) even knows what they are, or the implicated value of them. When you die, they will likely end up in a landfill or the pawn shop, etc.

Since they are important to you, take the opportunity to make sure that (in your eyes) they go somewhere they will be appreciated. The collection has this inherent value to you. If someone else treasures it like you do, they will certainly make you an offer to keep it together. Otherwise, sell them off individually for most value and put that money to use improving the (stated lessened) quality of your life right now, while you can.

No point in carrying around boat anchors.

Best of luck to you.
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The old time players from Connecticut and in general the North East know of your quality collection and you. Sad to hear this news. I think that the collection would find good homes in small batches or solo sales. Glad we got to play in Rhode Island last month and hope this all works out for you
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C'mon Dan Bacci show yourself!!!!!

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