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Joyride + capless = THE BEST
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I go capless and I don't recall spilling any paint during play except for when I first got it.. Or when I'm reloading them
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Originally Posted by accatone View Post
Joyride + capless = THE BEST
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I am a capless guy, it is the way I started and it works for me. I could not imagine keeping track of the caps, it is hard enough for me to keep track of the tubes. That said, I have been shot by many guys with caps on their tubes.
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I bought a bunch of the Kee flip cap tubes years ago and have used them exclusively since, even in my joyride.
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I'll run capless with my joyride & Gauntlet but capped with everything else (but with deep caps - those shallow ones pop open too easily).
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I'm the heathen who runs deep speed caps with a joyride. I find the cap simpler than fumbling and trying not to spill. YMMV
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A: Society sucks

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I run capless on my PBMafia belt rigs. After washing them, I use some Niagara Spray Starch on the nylon pockets then insert a 10rd tube so the mouths keep their shape better.
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Chuck E Ducky
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I like Capless on my Joyride but for my Gauntlets I run the black tethered caps the green ones I lose in the grass all the time.
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