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Docs Fastback bolt issues

So I am building a Docs Fastback and basically have it complete but I am having some bolt issues. Basically if I put the bolt on the sled (bolt and sled not hooked up to the pump arm) and slide it all the way back to where the sled hits the body and stops the bolt still does not clear the breech. It's actually not even that close. I have tried a Bushmaster Superfly and a Staunchy halfblock bolt and bolth have the same issue. I built a Docs probably 15 years ago and don't remember any issues like this. Any suggestions? Docs use a different length? I have no other experience with halfblocks
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have you tried asking doc to see if he has one laying around/ knows the dimensions he used.
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I have not but I shall try that right now
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That Doc, always building things right, rather than copying everyone else.

No, the Fastback bolt is unique to the Fastback. Other bolts are close, and plenty of people have swapped out the stocker for a cut-down Impulse bolt or modified Bushhamster or Ego bolt, etc. (Usually because they think the passage through the bolt is 'too small', except that it's actually slightly larger than the passage through the body of the gun, and too much extra size actually robs energy out of the air burst, by letting it expand before it has a chance to hit the ball.)

Point in fact, I just made a fresh bolt for another customer's Fastback. He sent it in with somebody's junk-box ex-Turtlecocker bolt or something, which didn't fit properly in pretty much any dimension you cared to name.

I can surely make a second, if you'd like, but since I have to make it by hand, I can't say it's gonna be cheap. Do you have the original pull pin? Or one from an Intimidator or Ego/Etek? If you have one of those, I can make the bolt for $80. If I have to reproduce the pin, too, that's gonna push it over $100.

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I would rather be fishing
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Can't beat that answer. I will take one, I will contact you through email
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