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banned paint?

i was looking up a nearby paintball field online and on their website they had a list of banned paint since they do allow BYOP and i want your opinion on it.

1. Light blue fill
2. Red fill
3. White fill
4. Any color Monster Ball
5. Any color Infinity
6. Any color Basic Training
7. Any color JT Annihilation
8. Any brand of winter mix
9. First Strike rounds

monster balls- i get it they were bad but they dont exist anymore
first strike- legal issues
winter mix- i guess they want thin shelled paint because it hurts less?
Red fill- its dumb but what ever
everything else- WTF? light blue fill, do they have a color fan from home depot on hand that they put up to your paintballs? The white fill is the dumbest one since all my feilds i go too only use white fill. i have no knowledge on the other 3 brands but it seems weird.

FROM THE WEBSITE- We take the preservation of this property very seriously. The paints we choose to disallow have proven to be unfriendly to our trees and underbrush therefore, it cannot be used here at the Badlandz. In some cases Monster Ball and winter fill will not break on contact rendering them a safety concern. Sorry if this poses an inconvenience but our woods matter.

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Feel privileged they allow BYOP at all. Most fields pay part of their basic expenses with the field fee and make a profit/survive on the markup of paint sales. It's their house, abide by their rules.
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I've dealt with canadians several times and I usually undercharge by 2-5 dollars cause I feel bad for them sometimes. Just my 2cents.

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Some paints can stain and they may be avoiding certain colors for that reason
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Originally Posted by MrKittyCatMeowFace View Post

1. Light blue fill
2. Red fill
3. White fill
4. Any color Monster Ball
5. Any color Infinity
6. Any color Basic Training
7. Any color JT Annihilation
8. Any brand of winter mix
9. First Strike rounds
4-8 are because they are as likely not to break as to break in most cases.
9. Is insurance I'm sure.
2. Most fields don't allow red for the bad connotations/difficulty recognizing injuries.

Light blue and white are a bit odd. I can't think of the last light blue paint I've shot, would've been years ago. I imagine they had a bad run in with some white box paint that had issues with 4-8 above.

The white really throws me off. Most high end tournament paint I've shot recently is white fill. Can't imagine what they've have against Ultra-Evil or 5 Star.

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Does anyone read this?
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If they lease the field property there may be restrictions imposed by the landowner.
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White and light blue are odd, as when fields around me do the very rare BYOP day, those are the only 2 fills they allow. All the others make sense for the reasons stated.

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Maybe the white is so they can specifically pick out field paint? If an issue arises they can determine if it was the field paint that caused it or customer paint. If someone brought some rock hard white paint, maybe the field could get blamed for bad paint.
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I think the white is because it tends to leave behind a chalky residue that doesn't wash off easily- at least, that's what I've seen with recent white fill paints.

The light blue is because that's the color of Tippmann Squadbuster grenade fills, and most fields have a 'grenade rule' that it counts as a hit if you have ANY paint from it on you, even just speckles. They're usually a unique color because of this, and a ref will want to be able to tell if it's grenade paint or splatter from regular balls.

Red was just discussed in the General section- they generally mean blood red, not the pinks and magentas we usually see as "red" paints these days. That's a safety issue- if a ref sees a "bloodstain" on a player, he needs to be able to know immediately if it's "just paint" or an actual injury requiring immediate medical attention.

First Strikes, as noted is likely either an insurance issue, or the field owner doesn't want the nonbiodegradable plastic debris on the field. (As suggested, it might be a requirement from the land owner, rather than from the field owner.)

And as already noted, the rest are/were crap paints. Keeping in mind it's not necessarily that they didn't break well, but also that the fill might have been harder to clean out of the rentals, or even that the field was trying to discourage renters from buying paint at the local big-box stores, and thus would need to get it from local paintball stores or at the field itself.

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Infinity has a strong tendency to stain. It's also an oil-based ball, not PEG. Meaning it's not as friendly to the environment. I would assume that the JT paint listed is a similar story.

I don't know why winter paint would be bad.

I don't remember if it was white or blue, but my boss (store and field owner) was saying that one of them will destroy airball bunkers. The chemicals in the color itself eat away at the bunkers. I want to say it was blue. And it's the reason why you don't see much blue paint being made anywhere.

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Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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Could the light blue and white be related to First Strike rounds? I have almost zero experience with then, but isn't that the colours they fill with?
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