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How has this bob long body not sold yet?

It's got a full set of lowers (~20 dollars) and a matching AA reg (~25), so the thing is really ~120 for the body. The BL bodies don't seem to come up as often. This thing popped up almost a week ago and it is still there. What am I missing? I was really close to buying this the second it was listed. Does the non-matching v/a really affect the value so much? Is it missing a matching backblock?
What is the value of this body?
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I passed on it when it first listed because I don't want to track down matching pieces for it. I don't like it enough at that price to wait who knows how long for the matching pieces it is missing.
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I'm not convinced it's a Bob Long body. I'm pretty sure all BL bodies were centerfeed.

But yeah I agree with Scottieb. BL frames are expensive on their own, and finding a back block would be difficult. You could always get a regular back block ano'd to match, but that would also be a paint. So, ultimately, it's just not worth it for most people.

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Any other body from that era would be selling for well under half that, the anno isn't worth that much complete or not. I wish he would open it up for offers.
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yeah matching back block....
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Glad I didn't buy it. I've got more to learn.
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Originally Posted by magmoormaster View Post
......... I'm pretty sure all BL bodies were centerfeed.
Hello. Bob long had right feed bodies (I actually own one).

However, those old bob long right feed bodies used the old style full slab rectangle bodies (without the top part, by the barrel threads, milled with a slant).

Here are some examples of classic right feed BL A/C'S.

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That is more than likely the original VASA. Those older VASA's were prone to fading.
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