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Need appraisal on items in my gear bag!

Looking on getting an appraisal on the stuff in these pictures. Will be selling eventually but not until this appraisal goes down. If you can help, please do so. Ill try to list everything i can but if you need to know more lmk and can tell ya. Thanks again!

IZE Blue mask complete (tear in the grill on bottom 6/10)
JT Olive Green Complete Mask 7/10
Empire Hopper
Magna Hopper Functional (Needs Board)
Modded Dye Lock-Lid Winchester Hopper
Modded Speedfeed Brass Eagle
Believe its a V2 or V3 Rotor (Original Hydro peeled off)
Pico Hopper w/ Speed Feed
Empire 3+4 Pod Pack Good Condition
MAD BONES 9V Rechargeable Hopper Batteries
CCM'D Aim Cocker w/ Matching Fang Trigger Frame:
Feedneck, Trigger Frame w/ auto trigger(pictured in second picture), ICS, Pump Kit, S5 Bolt, Drop, on/off, Reg, Rat 2 Valve, Light Back Block(come off something rare, S5 Maybe)

Shocktech Drop-forward
(Red Aim Back Block Goes w/ Aim)
PHAT Hammer
Rex Dialer
2 Valves.... If you know what they are lmk
CCM Reg Rebuild Kit
Black Back Block... cant rememeber
(Auto Trigger goes w/ Aim Marker)

Extra Tool
Pump Arms
.689 SP Back
Burst Discs
Feedneck Ring

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I'm no expert on the marker but ballpark of 3-400 is a super rough guess (I don't know all the parts you listed though so don't take that as a hard number by any means)

Rotor and ponokio speed, $50/each shipped

The rest of the gear combined I think if someone offers you $150 for you should take it

Piece by piece it is worth more, but nobody out there wants all of those exact pieces all at once, they will probably want a handful of it and will then have to deal with the rest. If you want to make more off of the rest you will need to put in the time and effort to listing, selling and shipping stuff individually

If you do end up selling pieces let me know, I'll take some of it off your hands

^^^ If you are new to the sport and need help finding gear, click here!!!^^^


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anyone else help with a more accurate appraisal???

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How about that Pico hopper. I would like to buy it
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