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Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
Any of the "classic" cockers - Planet Eclipse, Shocktech, etc - as long as it's right feed. I hate center feed guns.
What about center feeds is a turn off? Just curiosity sake
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I hate offset feeds, just because it makes them so tall. No need for a ball stack with modern loaders.
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Trilogy ,hands down the simplest set it and forget....I was never one for fads...All other ACs should be Snipers anyways..

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Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
Trilogy ,hands down the simplest set it and forget....I was never one for fads...All other ACs should be Snipers anyways..
My father in law runs a trilogy pump. That thing is the quietest marker ever

You could sneak up on a ninja while shooting

Ok, not quite but seriously idk what it is about his.

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I have to break this subject down into a few categories;

Milling: Bonebrakes just look cool to me, organic looking I guess.
Anno: the old PK finishes on classic Eclipse guns like Nitro fade or Bonsai splash.
Shootability: Evo for a slider and CCM for a hinge
Internals: I have had the best consistency with Shocktech guts. My current sniper has been 285 +/- 5 for 5 plus years.


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I agree with Jordan, right feeds are my jam. I don’t even aim down the top of the gun, there is just something about rf that feels pure. I’m also a huge fan of the trilogy sport for its simplicity, though the last one I had wasn’t really a trilogy anymore...
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Does anyone read this?
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Originally Posted by TexArkana View Post
What about center feeds is a turn off? Just curiosity sake
Just a personal preference.... I started playing in the late 90's/early 00's and virtually everything was side feed, so I got used to that very quickly. I've always preferred to sight over the gun, and side feeds work very well for that.
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It's the way I aim thats a turn off for right or left feeds. I started after center feeds were the norm. I look and aim down the side of the marker. When a feed neck is in the way it throws me off. Like back bottle setups I can't aim them for nothing. I feel like I'm hip firing the thing every shot. I need to get behind the marker and look down the side to aim. Just personal preference i need to get it up to my eye to fire an accurate snap shot.
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Originally Posted by Carlito View Post
I could be wrong here, but I believe any cocker can be tuned to perform as well as any other cocker. Other than that it's all fancy milling and the aesthetics of it. I've got 4 and my favorite, the smoothest and most reliable is a trilogy. The bottom of the barrel of cockers. But it's my #1.


But to be fair there isn't much stock about it
Agree with this completely, Same opinion. I have a bunch of different ages with feed types that have this added or that added and I grab the Trilogy. Just works great
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I love seeing all the trilogy answers. Kinda makes my day, actually.

The issue with cockers, as others have alluded to, is that it's all in the parts. A majority of bodies out there, including the absolute highest end bodies, were milled from wgp blanks. Spec wise, they're pretty much the same (depending on year of course). So you can take a base model, 2000 cocker and slap on the best parts and have the best cocker.

The most sought-after guns would probably be Merlin/revenges, westwoods, and belsales evos. Twisters, rippers, P&P supercockers, and kapp flames are maybe one step below them. Since you mentioned krakens in the OP, i want to point out that they're just private-milled merlins. Guns like karnivors and dye reflexes are a solid step below that. Both in my experience are highly overrated. Reflexes especially; they look cool but otherwise are lousy guns.

As with others, my personal preference is for trilogies. I'm kind of notorious for it. The first gun i bought myself was a trilogy comp, and to this day it's my favorite gun. I even ran it close to stock up until a year or so ago. It probably won't outperform an evolution, or a v2 revenge, but they're neck and neck with anything that isn't absolute top of the line.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
Originally Posted by Jack Wood View Post
ooh look at that over there!!! Jeremy Salm riding a giant rainbow-coloured unicorn!!
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