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View Poll Results: new Gtek 170R vs used Luxe Ice
Gtek 170r 14 87.50%
Luxe Ice 2 12.50%
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Gtek 170r vs Luxe Ice


I have been doing my research for my next marker around $6-700. I found a new Gtek 170r and a used Luxe Ice in the same price range. Need some help before pulling the trigger so to speak. Which one would you choose and why?


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Suuper not a big deal, but fwiw, with the low bolt speed of the lux, it is better suited to ramping IN GENERAL. AMD ALSO JUST MY OPINION. the higger bolt speed of the gamma core lends it self to more intuitive semi fire.
Again, JMO. my preferred firing mode is un capped semi. Well, actually its pump lol, but if electro, uncapped semi. Amd for that i like pop valve markers, and spools with higher bolt speed.

Back on point. Either will be great shooters, its up to your style! WHAT'S YOUR STYLE?
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I like buying markers brand new, you never know what the history is on a used gun. I like knowing my new toy is factory fresh and I'm the one creating its history. It's also nice to have a warranty in case something is faulty. Do you have a local shop you can buy from and see if there are any additional benefits?

Planet Eclipse Tech and Planet Eclipse Service Center. Please PM me for any warranty work or other Planet Eclipse service needs.

I also work on other markers, PM for info.

Dealer for: Planet Eclipse, Ninja, GI/Empire/Tippmann/etc, Dye, Exalt, GoG, Valken, HK, GXG, CP, Push

PM me if you're looking for something. No, I will not sell it to you for cheaper than everyone else.

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Well, the 170r is unquestionably more reliable, but I've always found the gamma core to be a bit kicky. It's one of the main reasons I like the cs1 better than the cs2; the IV core is way smoother. The luxe would be as well.

So you're essentially looking at smoothness of shot vs reliability, and of course the difference in ergonomics.

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Is a luxe ice as much of a gas hog as earlier versions? If so, your tank size is something to consider as well. Not to mention how long they are, but a 68 or 77 ci does the trick. Don't know much on the gtek, but from polls in Facebook groups people tend to think the ice is the smoothest shooting gun on the market. Unfortunately I'm a poppit guy myself
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A few other points in addition to the things that have already been brought up:

Assuming the 170r is unchanged from the 160r, the Gtek has a leaf spring trigger, which has a really different feel than a magnetic trigger. Some people really prefer one or the other.

The Luxe also has a rechargeable battery, where the Gtek is an off the shelf one. I am not a fan of rechargeable batteries, but some people prefer them.

Overall, I would get the gtek if you want something that is a little simpler and more reliable, and don't want to do much maintenance. If you want a gun that has a lot more adjustment and you can tune to your liking, at the expense of being a little more finicky about maintenance, then the Luxe would be a better fit.
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I know it's not on your list but I just picked up a clone 5s for a really good price and it is pretty fantastic so far.
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Thank you all for the help and poll! I went with the general consensus and bought 170R. It is currently being shipped. Now my next dilemma is what hopper would work best with a 170R or similar marker? I fear I have not done enough research to narrow it down for a pole. I found some good deals on virtue spire 260 but I don't have the experience to determine if that is a good hopper for the 170r. Any assistance or guidance would be appreciated.
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Capped, spire, or VSL
Uncapped, pinokio speed, or rotor of some flavor
I love both my pinokio and my LTR
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Id get the eclipse gun not the one from smart parts who let their company fold up so they could get out of their obligations to their employees.
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