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Paintball Pants

Hey guys so I've actually never owned a pair of paintball specific pants. Have been looking at empire exalt and dye pants. Don't want to break the bank but also don't want to go cheap and have to buy a new pair after one use.

Looking for recommendations on what to buy or if anyone has a used pair lying around that they want to get rid of. I'm thinking I need an XXL size seeing as how my waist is around 38-40 and length roughly 36. Any feedback would be great!
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Out of those choices, I would definitely go with exalt. Dye pants are good, but pretty expensive. And while empire makes pretty good pants, they're not as good as exalt.

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I've only ever owned 2 pairs, both dye, I still have both actually, first one is early dye, like 04 or something, I am the second owner and there are a few threads here and there but for being 15 years old (granted, have not been used much in the last 6 years) have been great

I liked those so much but they didn't have much padding so, I went and found some new dye pants, 2012 model if I remember right

Still using those today, not a single tear in them. Colors are just a little faded

So granted, I don't have experience with many brands but that's because they have worked so well

The trick to getting dye pants at a decent price, find them as new old stock

I got mine at $80 brand new because they were like 2 years"out of date"

If you can make a XL work you are in luck

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just a note on the exalts, i am one of three people that have haad this issue:

there is a seam where the upper butt portion is secured to the lowerbutt/upper thigh portion, during a rough baseball style slide into a bunker, this upper potion is dragged and can seperate, necessitating re sewing.

other than that, amazing pants, fronts and knees super durable, just think it is a minor design flaw. also that said two of the three of us are on the heavier side, im 5-10 230#. and we are all "ground pounders" snake/very aggressive mid players.

overall very happy with mine, have re stitched them with upholstery thread and haven't had an issue out of them.
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Have a look at the Vintage AIR pants. I never owned paintball pants and just bought a pair because they don't have padding and are advertised as light. I have been pretty happy with them. No idea on how they'll wear but they seem promising so far.
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You should get into MAr's pants, a lot of members have and liked it.

Edit....Sorry, smurfs can't view the link. Membership has its rewards.

Edit #2....Link for the smurfs...
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