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Hang on before you buy. I'll shoot a message to a buddy of mine, he was considering selling his a while back I'll see if he still wants to

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I love the Havoc don’t have much experience with the JCS but we slay tanks with the breach load Havoc we use. Team got tired of getting pushed around by tanks so we all threw in and got one. Now the Tanks spend more time driving back and forth to the respawn then they do playing when we bring it out. It’s small enough you can make big bumps with. The JCS looks long and cumbersome that’s why we decided on the havoc. I run a 13ci off a CCI 45 frame and get a good amount of shots out of it. You can actually snap shoot tanks out with it lol.
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I already have a pretty nice custom launcher from a machine shop, and I just picked up a Havoc (won it in a raffle), so the JCS Alias seems like the next stop in my new collection.
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