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The Renagade field I grew up playing at was just a bunch of local kids that got together and played. It was run what you brung. A lot of people controlled the trigger finger due to limited air situation. We were all friends so it was a good group of people and some of the most fun games were played at the “Bricks”. It was an old abandoned brick manufacturing yard. They turned it into some hipster meeting ground. So we moved down the river to an old abandoned cement factory that was a lot of fun to play for a while. Now I don’t think many of those guys play anymore. Do you have a lot of local players that are looking for a spot to play? We had a need so we filled it with outlaw ball.
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Here in Los Angeles, I’m a regular to a local woodsball group that plays once a month. We allow guns of all types as long as they’re set to semi. We have 6 spots scattered across the greater LA area. We market ourselves online to bring in as many people as possible for every game. For the new guys and those with equipment issues, we offer loaner guns, masks, paint, and even air fills from scuba tanks. Even with all this, in a city full of millions of people, we usually get an average of around 10 people to most events. A pump only woodsball group sounds like it would be pretty sweet, but our group’s greatest biggest struggle are cancellations and no-shows. Then again, there’s a lot of flakey people in LA, too, so your results may vary.
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