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Ivan Sovetsky
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EMEK or MG100?

I've not owned either of these, but I hear wonderful things.

The MG100 would be nice to be able to play magfed, or swap to a hopper. But the EMEK being half the price is appealing. I guess my question is - is there noticeable differences in build quality, reliability or functionality? Or is the MG100 basically just an EMEK with a magwell?

Trying to decide because I currently have enough cash to get an EMEK, but wondering if I should just save up more and spring for the MG100.
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The MG100 is basically a EMEK with a magwell. If you have any interest in magfed, or think you may in the future, get the MG100. Otherwise, get the EMEK. I have a Gen 1 EMEK, and it is my goto marker. That said, I kind of want to pick up an MG100 too as they are just so nice, and would give me the ability to play magfed, should the need ever arise.
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This is 100% about whether you want to play magfed or not.

The MG100 is the same gun in a different body, it also comes with a great barrel and a pops on/off out of the box. It can use a hopper just like the Emek if you want.

They are both very high performance for the price.

(PS I bought both and keep my mg100 in magfed mode)
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I've only ever shot the MG100, but I will say, even though I didn't care for magfed the first time, the marker itself was great... and that's coming from a guy who does nothing but talk **** about PE. Haha. It just -feels- great in every aspect.

Personally, I would go with the MG100 for the simple fact that it offers versatility. It's essentially the EMEK with the bonus option of mags and rails if you so choose. I may not play a lot of magfed, but I like knowing I could if I felt so inclined.
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If you ever shot first strike and giggled.... The mg100 will make you wet yourself with joy.

I'm up to three Emek's and two mg100... I love both platforms
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Ya wanna borrow my MG100 some time to see what you think?
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I own'd an emek and a mg100 unit the minimalist body came out from East Coast Anarchy. I can switch between magfed and a hopper in about a minute. Buy an mg100 its worth the money.
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Skeet Surfer!
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I’ve been debating for a while whether or not to sell my Tac One and pick up an EMEK so I can just pick it up and not have to worry about air efficiency and what not, but then I pick up the mag and rethink everything. Sigh.

Interested to see which route you go with and to see what you think if you DO end up with the EMEK
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MG100, so you can do both.

Coming from a guy that sold his MG100...but still plays with the Emek about every trip to the field.
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here 4 the memes
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mg100, had both at one point and traded the emek to a teammate. The mg100 does everything the emek does plus magfed and it has performed flawlessly with fsr the past year. Switching btwn hopper and magfed is very easy. It also has the pops asa and pe barrel the emek does not come with.
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