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Dye vs eclipse hinge frames for cockers

Why are eclipse hinge frames going for 2-3 times due hinge frames right now? Quality? Rarity? Market weirdness?

If it is quality, tell me more. I have never used either.

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Blades are simply the best cocker hinge ever made. The geometry is perfect, trigger pull smooth, adjustable trigger travel, look good, etc. They've been popular since they came out, but are getting harder to find so the price is going up.
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I feel completely the opposite way. Never found a frame I liked better than a Dye Hinge. Was never a fan of the Eclipse frames. (at least so far as "classic" frames)
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The eclipse hinge feels the best, and it looks correct.

It has been more expensive for as long as it has existed. The eclipse hinge has always been a "damnit thats more than I wanna spend but I will spend it anyways" item, since the very beginning.

It being 250 dollars now is basically the same ratio of extra priceiness as it was back when they were easier to get.

They actually are the best. Other hinges are good too, but the eclipse hinge was the best back then and is now.

Sorry that "best" isn't easy to quantify. It feels and looks good. A lot of it is in the looks department. The pivot is down low but they don't make your gun look a mile high like the WGP hinge does, despite being a decent unit.
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Yeah, DYE frames a re kinda junky. Not in build quality, but in geometry. The trigger guard is uncomfortably small, the trigger shape is awkward, and the trigger break is the heaviest of any trigger I've ever experienced. The fact that they're fetching the prices they are is kind of crazy to me.

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Dye: excellent trigger feel but the trigger angle is more ideal for use with a drop forward and an "upward" hand angle.

Eclipse hinge: Just the best. Short snappy pull

WGP: Best for the money. Has good trigger geometry and long but light/fast trigger pull. Not the best looking.

CCM: Short but heavy pull, not great trigger geo. Should be fast but is easier to short stroke than others due to the shortness of the trigger pull. Also has a swept trigger making it better with a drop forward.
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If were ragging on hinges, you can take all the DYE single hinges and melt them into a scrap ingot.
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I have to say, the ID Rip frame stacks up real well as far as I am concerned.
But the Eclipse frame is just terrific quality and very smooth.

The Dye frames are weird feeling to me, but I can see why someone else would like them.
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Thanks everyone for your input. I’m not currently in danger of buying any of these but got curious after seeing some DYE hinges for about $100. It Seems like DYE cocker parts increased in price at about the same rate as everything else for a few years and started to drop again recently. Could be mis-remembering...

Thanks again!
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I love eclipse hinges. Nice and tight and so easy to rip. My favorite “classic” hinge
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