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Sourcing Solenoids for old Electros

For which of the old, classic electros can brand new solenoids still be sourced out for?
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If they used off the shelf components yes on occasion from the manufacturing company.
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Fer example some Angel solenoids direct from supplier...
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You can also try air soldier products run by HaveBlue on here. He had some.
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Asp is a good source, I&I sports also carries a bunch of solenoids for old electros. Also a few rebuild kits on eBay.
From what I remember, they are mostly for Bob long and ICD guns.
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Be aware when looking for old solenoids, particularly if you find them NOS, that the rings and gasket are likely as old as what you are replacing. In many cases the spool rings aren't impossible to find, but the funny shaped gaskets turn into another ordeal.

Any time you decide to get into older electros and aren't already very familiar with them, it's a great idea to look and see what resources are available for it first.
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