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Unbiased Mask opinions wanted

I am looking for some unbiased opinions on a few masks, namely....Events and Grillz.

I am considering both, in some form of Green and black...I dont do tourneys anymore so the main use will be Scenario.
That being said I will obviously be wearing them for extended periods of time, weight and comfort are an issue.
I dont wear glasses, fans would only be for comfort or lens fogging issues.

Mainly looking for opinions from actual users of each product, I am asking here because I know will get an honest opinion...
not like PBN where the mask could weigh as much as a brick, fall off constantly, be impossible to change the lenses in, constantly smell of buffalo dung and every response would be "Its the 5hizz1e" or "Its teh bestest mask my parents evr bot me"

edit: forgot to mention that I have checked PBreview, both masks score a basic 9.5 / 10...every post is positive and not very helpfull.
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well i recently bought an avatar. i really like it but there is alot of echo in the mask, yelling is prtty painful to the ears. as far as comfort goes ill give it a 7, the rear headstrap kind of bends funny when you put it on but not to bad if you wear a beanie or some kind of hat. lens change is a snap which is always nice, but not ussally ness. the visor and brow gaurd are a pain in the *** to snap in. over all i would say its a great mask lightwait and comfortable and it looks pretty intimidating(good for making the noobs nervous). price kind of sucks. i would recomend though.
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I would strongly recomend putting them both on your head before you make your decision. out of the two the vents fit my mellon a lot better. I thought the grillz could have been way better for the money
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I really like JT Flex Masks (Either Flex 7 or Pro Flex) Pro-Flex has soft ears.


Vforce Profiler, super easy to change lens and with got a huge viewing area.

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I greatly prefer my Pro-Flex over my Grillz. Can't quite put my finger on why exactly (Aren't I helpfull ).

Keep in mind that Grillz is only available in single pane lenses. I haven't had problems with fogging during extended wear, but some claim to have. Grillz are definitely the easiest mask to disassemble and clean, but I actually think the design has more groove and creases that trap paint so you have to disassembly it to get it clean. Whereas I just spray my Proflexes with water to get the same effect.
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I have a p[air of vents. Not the Events, but the corrosponding ones with the non foam ear gaurds.

Pros- Hard to fog. Microfiber carry case, came with spare lens case and lens. Fits snug, foam is 2 types and keeps a comfortable seal. Super easy to change out the lense, or pop it off for cleaning, but very, very secure. Foam inserts near mouth are for moving your breath down and away from your eyes, preventing more fogging. 2 types of visor avaible.

Cons - harder to find lenses (last I looked). foam near mouth may touch face (not all that bad, but it may bother some) Fan is coming out, but who knows when. (its a comfort fan). Events have soft foam ear gaurds, and cost more.

Nice thing about the vents series is even the lower end ones have a lot of nice features. Hell, Manike designed the things, and still wears the "low" end version (helix) because he likes it.
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I currently have a profiler. And Have had the Grill on. I prefer the profiler only because it is bigger and fits my face a little nicer. I have not tried the Events on ever though. The only time that my Profiler has ever fogged. Was in 90-100% himudity. Which here is either rain or the odd really hot day in the "jungle" which is a bunch of evergreen trees and a lot of water. It never fogs in the winter, or in the spring, or fall. only fogs in really humid weather. Though I think a fan would solve that problem. The mask fits my face (I have a longish and wider face) and it has a nice strap on the back. There is a wide selection of lenses.

This might not sound helpful but my advice is put the mask on, look in a mirror, try to make it fog, see if it fits you face properly. If a mask does not fit your face properly it is useless.
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Originally Posted by JOESPUD27 View Post
I really like JT Flex Masks (Either Flex 7 or Pro Flex) Pro-Flex has soft ears.


Vforce Profiler, super easy to change lens and with got a huge viewing area.

I agree completely. I have two Profilers and a Proflex.
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It's really personal preference. I use a built-piece-by-piece proflex (started out as a spectra 7 I bought in the late 90s). I've gotten so many bounces off that mask, it's crazy.

the most comfortable mask I have tried on is the Dye I3 Pro.
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I also prefer the Profiler. Its basically the same as the old Brass Eagle "Bubble mask", and has an excellent field of view.

However, I mostly like it because it sits further away from my face, compared to other masks. This is important since I am very out-of-shape, and sweat like a pig. The extra space helps the air circulation.

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