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Another appraisal thread : Bad Company Spyder

I had picked up this spyder off ebay a few months ago. I am in need of some moola so I am planning on putting it up for sale.

I know it isn't worth much but it might be worth a bit more than the average spyder.

I made this thread when I received the gun.

It is rather cool. On the side of the gun, it is lazer engraved(I think) with "Bad Company" and "Spyder 2 of 5"
It looks like the owner before me tried to do some "Milling." The area on the top where the site rail usually is, it was shaved down flat. Also you can see the diagonal lines put in on the side. The barrel is also kinda odd, I have never seen it before but I dont see alot of aftermarket spyder parts. The grip frame seems to have been replaced.


I am looking for a price and a place to try and sell this. Are there any forums where I could find people who really would like this?
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No idea where to start on that one....I like it though, I have always been partial to Kingmans.
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Ha that's really odd I just read an article about Tom Cole who was on the original Bad Company and it mentioned how this particular edition of the Spyder was coming out. It didn't state a price though. My magazine was dated in 2004. How much did you pay for it?
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That kind of looks like a BLM (Bob Long Millenium) body to me. Is the feed neck removable, or fixed? And does it have a "fatty" or slim striker.
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it looks remarkably like my old JT bodied fullsize spyder. barrel looks like a CMI barrel, from the muzzle break.
heres a pic of my JT body. (it was supposedly a JT Spectre body from the seller i got it from)

i see it also has the cocker styled detent so common to BLMs...
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