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syndicate misfit egrip help needed.

Just like the title says. I've been rebuilding this Misfit i got in an ebay auction, along with about 3 other guns from the same. It was just a bunch of parts, and i've been making functional markers out of em again. (i like to tinker..)

Anyway, i've almost got this misfit up and running, im just running into one little problem. I have no fricking clue what cable goes where on the dang board!

There's two connections right next to each other on the top left (one above the other), another one towards the middle right hand side, and one down on the bottom left. One would be for the trigger, one for the battery, one for the on/off switch, and one for the solenoid..

Can ANYONE tell me which is which? I wana see this baby hum. Or see if it will anyway..had to do some repair work to the board, i think it works lights up when the ac plug is plugged in... (need to find a battery for it though..)

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can you put up some pics? I haven't looked at the boards for these but if some of the parts are visable you can tell what goes where.
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Call Syndicate and they will tell you where they go. They have always had great customer service.
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