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What do you guys figure?

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Gameface looks to be pretty stock and in excellent condition. I'll assume that it is a non-vision version so that will probably fetch $75 to $80 assuming that it is functional.
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Originally Posted by USForestService View Post
why so little for it?
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because you have brand new E-grip packages going on ebay for close to what you are asking, and these guns aren't exactly in high demand. You might be able to pull $100-115 on ebay, but then you have ebay fees too.

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Originally Posted by Cnyberg View Post
I'd pay $400-450 for it.

Market has been wonky.
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So what you guys think the items in this pile of junk worth?

From top to bottom

1 -T8 with two mags, worn khaki paint, polished internals, ammo check windows in grip, and custom bolt face. kydex holster and tight platform.

2 -P68at pretty stock, working.

3 -Spyder Imagine with Edge 2 piece barrel, 3 backs (.693, .691, .685) Lapco feedneck, delrin bolt, unfinished cut of the body. Charger included.
Spyder Imagine with SP Progressive 12" barrel, stock barrel, trigger grip is cut, all the electronics still work.
Maybe i should change the bodies between the two? or just offer them together?

4 - BT Delta, Stock barrel with RIS rails foregrip, mangled FLASC barrel with blaster tip (needs honing) aluminum powertube, stock powertube with QD nipple, stock/no stock options, custom made MP5K setup with built in laser and shorty barrel.

5 - BT 4, hand made VSS Vintorez replica. 12" barrell with apex tip under the raincover, 10 rounds loader, removable AK47 style rail, adjustable iron sight. etc.

6 - Qloaded Classic Automag with shroud. left feed ULE body inside. Takes AR stocks. (qloader not included). Dye 9" barrel

7 - the thingamabob to put kydex stuff on molle bases.
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at 85

How much ?
Looks to be an ATS AT 85 ?
Picked this up off local craigslist as seen in pelican case.
Might have had scratches on side were its been darkened with a marker.
Aired up, fires fine, magazine appears to feed, at least with the little air I had. Also has the manual.
Thanks guys.

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what is a mint eclipse aurora impulse worth?
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Ratupre101 - Pix are always a good thing. A collector will pay $$ for that since "Their {sic} are no exact numbers confirming how many were {sic} Aurora's were made, but the general consensus is that no more than 10 were ever manufactured."

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To be honest depends on how mint it is. And since they don't come up in the market at all you can get alot compared to all other impulses (which have dropped in value). Just like BlacknRed said it's going to come down to what a collector will pay. Sorry I can't give a number, just don't know on such a rare impulse.
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Couple basic ones;

'03 Pro-Stock Cocker, blue, 6.5-7/10 on condition, has a BL Torpedo HPR and a Shocktech delrin bolt. Works and shoots wonderfully.

PM5, Red/Black fade, bone stock, 8/10 condition, 14" Ultralite up front, no ASA.

I'll get pics up later today.
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