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Still not Marcoline........
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Originally Posted by RealtorTommy View Post
Still not Marcoline........
That figure was "tensile strength" which is much different from pressure handling.
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Fan of EMR
And for future buyer there, I have made 2 order, still didn't receive but when I placed the second 24h later I had an e-mail from PP with a tracking number, I e-mail him last night and said that I didn't got a tracking for the first and today I goes in my hotmail and had a reply, he is shipping it same day and gave me 20$ refunds because of it!

Can't wait to have my order
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Originally Posted by BenoitOWN View Post
Paintball Solutions - Accessories

Microbore Gauge Hose-Paintball
10,000 PSI, different lengths available see below. Includes JIC #4 Female Swivel Fittings.
That is not macroline.
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This is all really ironic. Since Peter started due to a macroline blowing during a game at an NPPL event causing him to loose some amount of hearing in his right ear.

And yet here he is advocating a unsafe product, but hey as bad as it sounds humans will only learn when the truth hits close to home.

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I'm waiting till 2019 when SP's monopoly over electronics finally ends!

Originally Posted by punkncat View Post
My *** would hit Canada so quick that the sonic boom would be heard across the nation.
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Do most of you actually play paintball or just argue about inane details like a bunch of overprotective mothers?
I will pay top dollar for clutch Splat Attack Revenge V2s.
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I'm willing to bet they probably argue like this while playing, just as much as they do here.
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